How to Cut Out Cabinet for Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink Installation

September 4, 2022


Whether you are building a new kitchen or upgrading an outdated one, adding the best stainless steel farmhouse sink brings more comfort. It keeps your dishwashing easy and allows fast draining. Moreover, stainless steel material blocks bacteria and toxic fungus development.

However, the DIY sink installation is a bit tricky and requires extreme care. You need to cut the sink base cabinet and the countertop. But how to carry out this project? After spending a couple of hours on research, we have simplified the process for your convenience.

Do you have zero experience in DIY projects? Don’t worry and continue reading because cutting cabinet for stainless steel farmhouse sink installation will become much easier than you think after reading this guide. All you need is to get the essential tools and follow the simple steps mentioned in this blog.

Before moving ahead, let’s find out the recommended type and size of cabinets to build a perfect farmhouse sink.

Do you need a special cabinet for a farmhouse sink?

The farmhouse sink is installed below the countertop and above the base cabinet. For this reason, it requires a special cabinet design that can fit beneath the sink.

However, you might be interested in putting a farmhouse sink in a regular cabinet. Fortunately, you can do so by cutting the regular cabinet according to the sink size and shape for easy accommodation. Before taking measurements to cut countertop for farmhouse sink, you should remove the countertop as well as the cabinet doors for easy working.

What cabinet size do you need for a farmhouse sink?

The cabinet size depends on the width of the farmhouse sink. It is recommended to get the cabinet at least 3 inches wider than the farmhouse sink, which you are going to install.

For instance, a 36” cabinet size is ideal for a 33” sink or less. This is why you should buy a sink size that can fit on your regular cabinet. On the other hand, you might be planning to replace your old cabinet. So, you should take sink measurements before buying the sink base cabinet accordingly. This planning will leave less debris on the floor when you cut the cabinet for the stainless-steel farmhouse sink.

What kind of cabinet do you need for a Stainless-Steel Farmhouse Sink?

Sink base cabinets can be made of materials such as solid wood, MDF, PVC and stainless steel. A farmhouse sink should appear natural, so the solid wood cabinet is a top favorite choice. And, if you have a short budget, MDF or plywood is a good option to consider.

However, you can modify an existing cabinet to install a farmhouse sink and save a good amount. All you need to know is the size of your existing cabinet so the farmhouse sink can adapt to the base after the modification of the cabinet.

Now that you have become familiar with the right size and cabinet type, let’s go straight to the procedural guide.

How to Measure and Cut Out Cabinet for Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink?

Required Tools & Equipment

  • Marker or pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • A large sheet of paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Jig saw / oscillating saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Circular saw

Step 1: Remove the Countertop and Cabinet Doors Smoothly for Ease of Working

Before starting the work, clean the area and remove the countertop for a clean & smooth project. While removing the cabinet doors through a screwdriver, remove any screws and brackets that might be in the way. Does removing these two things matter? Of course! an open area keeps the working fast and smooth.

Step 2: Be Precise in Sketching a Template of the Sink Front According to Shape & Size

Take sink measurements with the measuring tape and precisely draw its front sketch on the paper sheet according to the sink dimensions. Cut the paper all along the lines of the template to get the front design of the farmhouse sink. Any miscalculation will lead to the inconvenience of installing the farmhouse sink on the modified cabinets. So, always take every measurement twice or thrice to avoid errors.

Step 3: Measure and Cut Cabinet for Farmhouse Sink

First, measure the width of the sink base cabinet. Note the distance from the top of the cabinet to the cabinet doors to make sure the apron would not interfere with the doors. Before cutting cabinet for stainless steel farmhouse sink, use the level to check the cabinet frame surface is even throughout its top.

Before testing the template, use painter’s tape and mask off the cabinet areas that you will cut with the jig saw to avoid irregularity. Mark the center of the cabinet to use the template easily. Place the cut-out template paper on the cabinet front and put the painter’s tape to keep it firmly in its place.

With the help of a pencil, outline the border of the template where the cutting is required. After successful sketch marking, remove the template sheet and start cutting the outline with the jig saw or oscillating saw.

Important: You should cut just inside the line and sand the rest for a smooth finish to avoid excessive cutout.

Step 4: Ready to Cut Countertop for Farmhouse Sink

The right way to cut the countertop is by placing the stainless-steel sink on the countertop upside down. Thereby, you can mark the countertop along the border of the sink to cut. Whether you have a laminate countertop or a wooden one, a circular saw is the best pick to cut the countertop. Apply it along the marked area of the countertop while putting some wooden blocks below the countertop to ensure the safety of your floor.

Step 5: Install Farmhouse Sink Along with The Countertop

Measure the thickness of the sink and transfer those measurements to the cabinet walls by putting marks with the pencil. Put the sink and double-check the height with the level on different areas at the top of the sink. Fine-tune the level for correcting any imbalance to ensure a well-flat adjustment.

Now that the sink is in place, this is the ideal time to install the countertop for the final finishing. Note that the countertop surface should bend only a little towards the sink. This will ensure a well-dry and clean surface all the time and keep liquid flow towards the sink.

Pro Tips:

  • Always clean the work areas before beginning such DIY projects for kitchen remodeling
  • Use wooden blocks beneath the countertop while cutting with the circular saw to avoid any damage to the tiles or marbles on the floor.
  • Taking the most accurate measurements and keeping a nice balance are the keys to a successful farmhouse sink installation project.


Hopefully, we have clearly addressed how to cut out cabinet for stainless steel farmhouse sink in the simplest words. The hardest task in a stainless-steel farmhouse sink installation is cutting the cabinets. Keep the work area clean and open by removing the cabinet doors.

Just follow the simple steps as discussed above to cut the sink base cabinet. And you can surely save a good amount by doing it yourself. And always remember the above-mentioned pro tips to get a quality result as professionals do.


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