How To Deal With Your Flood-Damaged Carpets

September 27, 2022

You might have invested in your dream carpet for your home, all fluffy, large, and brightly colored. With it being dear to you, there’s a high possibility you want it to remain as it is, without it getting dirty or torn.

Now, you decide to leave town for a week or two for a vacation with your family. On coming back, you find your entire home filled with flood water. One look at your carpet, and your heart gets heavy. You start questioning all the effort you put in to acquire and maintain it. At this moment, you probably think it needs replacing due to its state.

However, this isn’t always the case. You can still clean it and restore its glory in your home. Are you wondering how to go about this? Read on to find out the tips you should adopt.

It’d help to do the following:

Call In Experts

As stated earlier, your home is flooded, and you need access to your carpet. Removing the water from your floors is the only way to get to it. It’s important to seek water damage restoration services as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to restore your carpet. As you wait for their arrival, look for the source of the flood. If it’s from your pipes, look for a way to stop the leak. On the other hand, if it’s from a storm that passed, you can use buckets or mops to scoop some of the water out.

However, it’d help categorize the flood water before doing so. Is it clean, smelly, or with dirt? Please only proceed to scoop out the water if it’s clean. If it’s smelly or filled with dirt, refrain from removing the water. The water might be contaminated and give you an infection. In this case, please wait for the experts; they know how to handle the situation without endangering anyone’s health.

Clean The Carpet

Now with access to your carpet, it’s time to clean it. Take it out in the open and get a bucket of clean water. Alternatively, you can use your garden hose pipe or a pressure washer. In addition, purchase carpet cleaning products from your local store or use laundry detergent. Scrub your whole carpet approximately three times to make it spotless. When rinsing the carpet, use a lot of water to ensure no detergent remains on your carpet.

Next, you must dry the carpet in the sun. It’s best to hang it and let the excess water drip. Once you’ve removed the excess water, lay flat your carpet and vacuum it. You can use a wet vacuum to remove the remaining water.

Suppose you don’t own a vacuum. It shouldn’t worry you; you can utilize a fan or a dehumidifier for the process.

If you don’t have time to clean the carpet on your own, you may ask the water restoration company to clean your carpet. Click here to learn more about these restoration companies and their services.

Be Wary Of Mold

Once your carpet dries, it’s not yet time to return it to your house. Due to the prolonged exposure to water, there’s a likelihood of mold growing in your carpet, which you don’t want. Depending on your carpet’s condition, there are two approaches to handling mold.

If you see the presence of mold, e.g., black spots, it’s best to leave the job to the experts. You most likely don’t have the tools, chemicals, and skills to remove mold. However, the team of experts has all the resources and skills for the job.

What if there’s no evidence of mold? It’s best to prevent this possibility. So, consider visiting your local store and purchasing an anti-mold treatment.

Ask the vendor to assist you in determining whether the treatment is ideal for carpets. You don’t want it to damage or discolor your carpet. Before using the solution, be sure to read and follow the instructions. Also, wear gloves and appropriate clothing; such chemicals can be damaging to your skin and dangerous to inhale.

Suppose you can’t access an anti-mold treatment. You can make your own solution. You’ll need tea tree oil, baking soda, and water. Prepare a solution with these ingredients, depending on your carpet’s size. Spray the solution on your carpet and leave it to dry.

Air Your Carpet

After all the carpet cleaning procedures, your carpet likely has strong smells from all the chemicals. Therefore, before taking it back inside, air it to eliminate the strong smells, especially from the anti-mold treatment. Leave the carpet in the sun for approximately 24 hours. If you feel the scent still lingers, prolong this period.

Once your carpet airs adequately, bring it indoors and place it back to its position, ensuring the surface is completely dry. Consider using a carpet deodorizer with your favorite fragrance on your carpet to bring back the beautiful scent of your home.


From the discussion above, it’s possible to salvage your flood-damaged carpet. All you must do is follow the steps herein. However, it’s best to seek professional carpet cleaning services if you get stuck during the process. You don’t want to ruin your investment in the process.


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