How to find an interior designer to fulfill your vision

September 11, 2022

Are you in search of the best interior designer who can fulfill your vision? If you want a change of scenery and give your home a new and more modern touch, you can count on the advice of an interior designer, a professional who is responsible for ensuring that each house, no matter how small or big, becomes the best of homes for you.

Finding a good interior designer is possible:

Finding a good interior decorator in theory is very easy, as simple as typing “Interior designer” or “interior decorator” on the internet search engine and hitting enter.

But all that glitter is not gold, and it is necessary to find a decorator who understands how to get to know your style, who adapts to your ideas, adjusts to your budget, and proposes several ideas so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

A good professional must be flexible and, above all, empathetic and respectful of the tastes and preferences of each client, but always give their opinion and professional advice.

That is, if you want a house all white, for example, surely a good designer will help you to have the shade you want and ensure that your lifestyle and habits are proper to maintane that. If you have in mind playing with colors, they will be giving it a more elegant touch with its own personality. They will listen to your preferences but finally ensure that your home has a very unique style that, first and foremost, is adapted to you.

For this reason, once again, it is important to have a good professional who listens to you, understands your tastes and your style, and, thus, can propose a design that fits your personality and your budget. In this article, we are going to tell you how to find a good interior designer, giving you some essential tips to find the professional you can trust.


In general, design teams are usually made up of several people, so you might as well hire a company.

Although it is good to have several opinions to rely on, it is even better to have a professional who takes care of everything and centralizes the directives to know and execute exactly what we want and what needs to be done.

For this reason, it is important to hire someone who is dedicated to the job, who knows what to do, and, above all, who is capable of executing it. Discipline is essential and dedication is often noticed during your first discussions with the person.

Good listener:

Another of the qualities that we should look for in a designer is the ability to listen. It is important that whoever is going to carry out the decoration plan for our home takes into account our tastes and what we want.

For this reason, we must flee from those who believe they know everything and ignore what the inhabitants of the house want for themselves. Although professionals usually know their work better than ordinary people, it is important that they develop it based on established patterns and based on the tastes of those who will later live in the designed space.


A pleasant personality is another essential requirement for an interior designer. In general, it is difficult to let someone enter the home and make decisions about rearranging it. So, whoever is chosen must be friendly, respectful, and easygoing to enter the home without causing problems.


The designer must have a leadership spirit to be able to execute the tasks and direct other professionals and technicians who are involved in the decoration process. They must also be practical and effective to transmit the work in the best way, both in terms of time and quality.


Last but not least, the interior designer needs to be creative not only in terms of colors, shapes, and furniture, but also in terms of looking for housing solutions and its spaces. Creativity must be a fundamental part of the personality of such a professional so that his projects end up being successful and unique.

Ask for a personalized quote:

Once you shortlist a few interior designers to renovate your house, first of all, talk about the financial aspect. Making this point clear right from the beginning is of vital importance. So that the professional can work effectively and propose ideas and decorative elements that fall within your economic limitations.

That is because, for example, a sofa from a large shopping center does not cost the same as the one from a decoration boutique - the price is very different and also is the quality. Depending on your budget, the decorator may move within one or another limit, therefore, it is essential that you make this point clear.

What we recommend is that you do not stay with just one decorator, but that you choose several to be able to interview them, assess if they understand your style and if they capture the atmosphere that you want to have in your home. And, of course, see if they can offer you a good project with the money you are willing to pay. Having several candidates can be of udeful to be able to compare them with each other and, also, negotiate different budgets.

Counseling is a must:

Once you have chosen your interior decorator, you must develop a contract where everything is specified: the total price, the duration of the process, etc. This procedure is highly recommended to avoid later surprises or pointless budget increases.

Before approving a decoration project, you must ensure that all the expenses (that are included and that will be paid by the decorator, and those that are not included and are paid separately) are perfectly reflected in it.

And finally, as in any other search, word of mouth must always be valued, so it is very important to get good references from the person you are going to hire. You can also use Nuwber or Leadar to find more about that person’s professional background.

But above all, the important thing is for you to know how to explain your essence and idea, the part of you that you want your home or workplace to show.

If we find a professional who meets these requirements, surely the decoration of our home will be an entertaining, enjoyable, and finally successful process.

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