How To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home And What To Do If It Occurs

September 15, 2022



Homes are the gateway to your life, and a house's beauty reflects the owner's aesthetic sense. Guests widely appreciate a beautiful place, and an unappealing home is widely derided. Much effort can go into making your house attractive, with every detail representing a specific decorative choice.

Hence, it's incredibly annoying and frustrating when your special place starts decaying against your wish. This can result from extensive water damage, which has become a nightmare for millions of homeowners because the damage is not relegated to a single area but affects the entire house.

How can Water Damage affect your house?

Many factors cause water damage to your house. Sometimes the soil your home is built around may be of poor quality, or there can be a blocked sewer or gutter surrounding your house. Additionally, a clogged toilet, a faulty pump, or a split hose can also result in water damage.

Sometimes the damage is so minuscule that it can escape the eye of the owner, only to manifest in a large area after a while. So, it's important to constantly inspect your house and take necessary precautions to avoid this tiresome and expensive outcome.

However, if your home is experiencing water damage, you can always seek help and call suitable restoration operators who'll identify the root of the problem and provide necessary solutions.

Water damage doesn't happen overnight, so it's always essential to check some initial signs on various surfaces.


How to prevent water damage?

Sink and Drainage inspections

Water can permeate your house and decay walls and crevices through sinks and drains. To prevent extensive water damage, keep your sinks unclogged and clean. Grease is one of the key reasons why sinks get clogged in the first place, so avoid pouring it down the drain.

Once the water flow is impacted, it may lead to damage. To prevent this, you can follow the following steps:

  • Clean drains regularly
  • Avoid putting debris in the sink or the drain; put them in the trash
  • Don't overflow the drain
  • Inspect drain taps and sink cabinets regularly.

Avoid water overflow

If you keep your taps open for an extended period, the chances of water leaks increase drastically. So, whenever you go out of your house for a long, ensure that all the taps are shut. Additionally, you can turn off the main water supply just to be safe.

This small activity will prevent water leaks while you are away and save water from unnecessary waste. Moreover, you can ensure that:

  • The heater is turned off
  • Valves connected to the toilet and sinks are shut off
  • The dishwasher and washing machine are disconnected.


Check your roof

Sometimes water damage in your house can be because of external factors such as excessive rain or snowfall. Regular house inspection should be undertaken to counter this problem, and the loose or cracked parts should be mended. If there's a defect in your roof, it'll expose your entire house to water damage.

Additionally, overgrown moss can also damage the roof, and after a storm or a hurricane, it'll be appropriate to rid the top of the house of these unwanted agents.

You can also check for cracks on the roof and around the surrounding area and fill them accordingly.

Maintain Water Pressure

Coming back to problems inside your house, sometimes high-water pressure can increase the chances of leaks and pipe bursts. If the water pressure is above 80 psi, the higher the chances of a pipe burst.

Lines attached to the toilets, water heaters, washing machines, and other electronic water devices are at risk of getting damaged.

Most of the time, water pressure depends on the location of your house, with homes closer to a water source experiencing more substantial water pressure. To solve this problem, you can consult your water provider or install devices that maintain the normal pressure of water.


Examine your Appliances

Since a modern home has so many water-based appliances, the chances of water damage increase drastically. Devices such as washing machines, kitchen sinks, showers, bathtubs, refrigerators, dishwashers, and toilets must be examined regularly to prevent undue damage.

Additionally, you can search for holes and cracks in the appliances from where water can leak into the room and fix them as soon as possible. Moreover, the surfaces exposed to water can develop mold due to the constant moisture presence, so it's essential to keep them dry and clean.

Maintain Moisture Level

High moisture levels inside your house can be identified by the dampness of the wall and dark spots in and around the kitchen or bathroom areas. Ideally, these issues can be solved by adding insulation and wallpapers.

Still, a moisture meter can be installed for long-term solutions to monitor the moisture level constantly and prevent the walls and ceilings from getting damaged.


Water damage can alter the entire appeal of your beautiful home and force you into making expensive remodeling and renovations. Hence, it’s ideal to identify the problems beforehand and fixing them appropriately.


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