Isn't a Soft Mattress Hurting Your Back?

September 12, 2022

I. Preface.

Growing up listening to the saying "soft bed hurts the waist, hard bed nourishes the waist". And in fact, my family is now in addition to my parents' mattress, my, children's are now pure latex, so we will be like this friend said, the spine will soon have problems?

2.Theory first

First of all, the owner is considering the ancient saying "soft beds hurt the waist".

This concept I remember in the spring mattress just popular when repeatedly mentioned, especially who who waist bad, people around will say "sleep soft bed hurt waist, never use ah". The earliest time my family also bought a spring mattress, not many years were replaced with brown mattresses.

But from a variety of film and television works to see, the Western mattresses are very soft, people lying on it, basically completely sunken, and before the invention of spring mattress, because the Western cotton production is very little, so the filler are used down, fur type, but, also do not see the old man in the West are lumbar muscle strain ah. Friends who have lived in 5-star hotels should know that the mattress in 5-star hotels, generally are spring + latex + down combination. If the concept of "soft beds hurt the back" can be absolute, then those hotel groups can change their names to killer groups, right?

Therefore, I think that the concept of "soft beds hurt the back", not to say right or wrong, at least be absolute.

The owner repeatedly stressed a concept, "elastic does not equal soft". Support and softness, are two concepts that do not contradict each other. In ancient times, in fact, there is little support for high material to do mattress, the so-called soft, I think refers to the thickness of the cotton. And cotton is really not much support, so the ancient saying is also justified. But in modern times, a variety of new materials are emerging, we have to look at the development of the eye. The owner thought, support enough is a good mattress.

3.What is support force?

Support force, as the name suggests, is the strength of the human body support, a reverse of the force of gravity of the body, why the traditional concept of a hard bed is good for the waist? Because the support force of the hard bed is the largest, rigid, the body pressed into the bed almost no deformation. In addition to this, elastic materials also have good support, such as springs, with the compression of the spring, the reaction force is higher and higher. A mattress support, at least to ensure that the body does not completely trapped, the body can stay on the surface of the mattress. Support force is too small what is the problem? Is the human body's center of gravity waist if there is not enough support, waist will sink, not enough support for the waist muscles will be very fatigued, and even produce waist spinal reflexes, causing great harm to the human body, which is what the elderly say, the waist sleep bad.

Since the support should be enough, hard board bed support force is the largest, then directly on the hard board bed on the line, why discuss the mattress soft and hard problem?

Because the human body is not completely flat, rigid hard bed can not fully fit the curve of the body. We all know that the pressure = pressure / force area, when people sleep on a hard bed, the weight is completely pressed in several points of contact with the bed, which will lead to local pressure is too large, compression of capillaries, resulting in "choking" feeling, and even cause local skin redness.

Of course, in reality, few best mattress for back sleepers directly sleep on hard beds, at most sleep on hard mats such as hard brown mats, although it is hard, but also has a slight deformation, increasing the contact area, so it will not be "choking".

Of course, people and people are different, some people are sensitive, the size of the pressure changes strongly, then this person must sleep slightly softer mattress is more appropriate. No matter what, the premise of sufficient support, so that people feel comfortable is suitable for your mattress, because people sleep in order to rest, when lying on the mattress you feel very uncomfortable, it is difficult to relax, relax, rest from where to talk about?

Also, you can prefer Double Bed with tv that makes your sleep comfortable and looks luxurious.

Before the owner of the first two days in the article repeatedly mentioned, mattress this thing can not recommend, if you have the intention of a mattress, it is best to experience the site experience, to their own body's feelings shall prevail, any mattress, will not let everyone satisfied, because like the hard / soft mattress people feel comfortable, then like the soft / hard mattress people certainly will not be comfortable. Even a big brand like SweetNight, there are soft and hard mattresses of many types to meet the needs of more people.


From the experimental results, the hard mattress on the waist no harm, better to maintain the natural curvature of the waist, of course, due to the lack of hard pad deformation (the actual test environment, hard pad and a very thin layer of mattress, pure hard pad I'm afraid the deformation is less), side sleep, the body will have a certain bending to ensure that as far as possible to fit the mattress, supine, the waist has a certain suspension, comfort is certainly limited.

Pure soft cushion, indeed, is a waist killer, side lying, obviously not enough support for the body, while supine, the waist occurred in reverse curvature. Of course this is a test environment, 3 bed was about 15cm thickness of very soft cushion, the reality should not be someone sleeping so soft.

Latex mattress, from the owner's subjective judgment of the test results, is the best results. When lying on the side, the body maintains a better shape, and when lying on the back, there is enough support for the waist.

Of course, from the beginning, the test is not rigorous, such as all the results are subjective judgment, the experimental design is not known whether there are any loopholes, anyway, the ability of the owner is so big, has tried its best to do, but also welcome the gods can be tested by real laboratory methods, and conveyed to the majority of friends, if so, the owner of this brick is also worth it.


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