Jean Baptiste Camille Corot's Paintings for Home Decoration

September 2, 2022

You can cover the bare walls of your room with lovely paintings if you want to make it more beautiful. But, sometimes, all your décor needs to go from boring to stunning is a little something more. With several alternatives, there is something for everyone to choose from.

Some well-known works of art are available for use in adorning your place. These paintings, many of which are by well-known artists, will add elegance and beauty to your home. These timeless art pieces will surely wow any visitors you may have over. Additionally, they can help create a chicer and more upscale atmosphere inside your home.

When it comes to paintings needed for your home decor, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot's works are among the best. Jean Baptiste Camille Corot's painting style is unique and amazing. His sketches, which are also rich in symbolism and hidden meaning, are perfect for people who appreciate the best things in life. So whether you're looking for a calming presence in your house or a topic of conversation for your guests, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot's artwork is sure to wow.

Here are a few Jean Baptiste Camille Corot paintings that would look fantastic in your home decor.


The work was created in Ville-d'Avray, a rural community outside of Paris, where Corot's father had purchased a country home in 1817. For Corot, Ville d'Avray took on the role of the Barbizon artists' Fontainebleau Forest. The artist frequently painted vistas of this location throughout his career.

The picture shows a calm lake, buildings on the distant shore, and figures of peasants engaged in their typical, everyday occupations while blending with the surroundings. One of the artist's favorite subjects, trees, is placed in the forefront. These are probably willows, which Corot frequently included in his paintings.

This landscape's soft pastel tones produce an oddly dreamy early morning atmosphere. The cottages are reflected in the lake, the silver sky is pale, and the light shines on them in a way that is evocative of Corot's idyllic Italian sketches.

Although the elements in the painting are relatively ordinary, Corot manages to make the viewer feel at rest and content. Yet, at the same time, the abundance of light and air creates a sense of elegant decay in nature. This is the beauty of Jean Baptiste's art, a brilliant impression.

Ville d'Avray, c. 1867 - Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Souvenir de Mortefontaine

Famous Jean-Baptiste painter created Souvenir de Mortefontaine (Memoirs of Mortefontaine) in 1864 as a classical artwork. A mum and her children peacefully enjoy themselves by a glass-bottomed lake bordered by trees.

One of Corot's later, more poetic artworks is most widely regarded as one of his finest. While drawing inspiration from the real world, the painting represents an idealized landscape. Early works by Corot exhibited Realist tendencies, but as his career developed, he started incorporating more Romantic themes. His paintings are sometimes seen as a link between Realism and an unfolding classical art style.

Souvenir de Mortefontaine borders on the impressionistic, with Corot's careful attention to the play of light within the scene and comprehensively patterned artwork that captures the lake and landscape. The brushwork, though, is precise, and the painting has a more subdued palette than the bright colors preferred by the Impressionists.

The Four Times of Day

Painter Jean Baptiste created the Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night paintings on these four oak panels. Similar to many of Corot's paintings, this Jean Baptiste art collection blends outdoor oil sketching with elements of the classical style of idealized landscape, as exemplified by the French painter Claude in the seventeenth century.

The series was finished in one week, and Decamps (owner of the painting) was especially astounded by the appearance of the new Corot brushstrokes. Impressionist painters like Monet, who created a series depicting various times of the day, also liked Corot's method.

Hagar in the Wilderness

Hagar in the Wilderness was painted in oil on canvas in 1835. The biblical character Hagar is shown in the painting as she rambles in the Beersheba wilderness. In particular, Corot's placement of an angel in the back center of the picture depicts the moment when Hagar and her newborn baby Ishmael encounter spiritual deliverance.

A large portion of the scenery depicted in the piece is based on Corot's earlier nature studies.

The artworks often feature more muted, gentler colors that provide a calming effect. It would unquestionably bring a sense of elegance to your area and be the perfect addition to any home.

Hagar in the Wilderness - Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Venise, La Piazetta

Venise, The picture La Piazzetta seen from the Riva degli Schiavoni was created by French artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot sometime between 1835 and 1845. The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena houses the painting.

The Piazzetta, a Piazza San Marco extension, is shown in the artwork as seen from the Riva degli Schiavoni coastline. A column bearing a sculpture of a winged lion called the Lion of Venice is in the center. The colors are rich and vibrant, and the image has a truly peaceful, quiet feel. It is an excellent addition to any space and will add a touch of seasonal grandeur to your home.


You can decorate your home with wonderful artwork even if you're not a fan of art. It is an incredible way to add color to your walls, spark conversation, and coordinate your home's decor. As seen above, the paintings by Jean Baptiste Camille Corot are the best options if you want to add color and life to the walls of your living room or any other space.

Jean Baptiste Camille Corot offers a wide range of sizes from which you can select the appropriate piece of art for your home. Jean Baptiste Camille Corot's paintings are definitely a great place to start when thinking about décor, and so the next instance you are stranded, don't really hesitate to look for these incredible and beautiful paintings.


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