Key Features That Characterize Luxurious Home Living

September 5, 2022


Your quick search for real estate listings will yield several homes listed under “upscale” or “luxury” properties. Like other potential homebuyers looking for duplexes for sale, you should be interested in finding out what this category contains. Identifying the factors that define luxury is complicated, especially since luxury is subjective.

Apart from the price, luxury homes are defined by their features, which include the facilities, interiors, and amenities. However, what makes a luxury house outstanding if all homes have these features?

1. Ideal Location

The location is a primary determinant of property value. However, not all homes in high-end neighborhoods are luxurious or attractive to potential buyers. Several factors should be considered for the neighborhood to be considered an ideal location. Most luxurious homes are nestled into natural oases, waterfront homes, easy access to main highways, and other factors. Some people also consider neighborhoods close to parks and schools luxurious.

2. Modern Kitchen Setup

A modern, spacious kitchen fully equipped with outstanding appliances is another hallmark of a luxurious home. Kitchens in modern homes should provide maximum functionality, style, and luxury, and should be made from materials with bold textures and rich hues, such as marble, granite, and diamond. These materials should be used in highly visible areas, such as cupboard handles, kitchen islands, and lowly pantries.

Luxurious kitchens also feature restaurant-grade cutlery and appliances. Homeowners have confidence in cooking in their gourmet kitchen and have enough space to accommodate the entire family for a cookout in the kitchen. Technological advances are another key feature of luxurious kitchens. From automatic dishwashers to temperature-controlled refrigerators that keep stored food fresh, technology eases a lot of kitchen tasks.

3. Large Floor Plans

Another identifier of luxurious homes is large floor plans. While you can come across a luxurious and highly-priced condo in the city, most people require ample space in their homes. The size primarily depends on the location and the homebuyer's desires. Most luxurious homes have extensive master suites, while others focus on upscale amenities like large kitchen space. Well-designed home theaters and game rooms are also a norm.

4. Exterior Elegance

The exterior appearance or the façade is what everyone meets when approaching a house. Luxury homes have an unmistakably attractive and elegant exterior characterized by an exquisite landscape, lighting, water features, and many more. These are complemented by outdoor installations, such as outdoor kitchens, entertainment spaces, and lavish wine bars, which are just an extension of the house’s opulent interior. High-end properties have landscape features that improve their curb appeal while offering great privacy.

5. Pricing and Value

While property pricing and value are largely subjective, most luxurious homes have above the median value. Pricing of luxurious homes primarily depends on unique features. Realtors often consider several factors, such as large square footage, luxe features and amenities, sculpted lots, beautiful views, and prime location.

The price of a luxurious home is also way higher than those of surrounding properties in the neighborhood. Starting price for most luxurious homes is from $500,000 to millions of dollars.


While luxury rests in the eyes of the beholder, some features are pure indicators of luxury living. Hotel-quality bedrooms and bathrooms, hidden rooms, smart home features, and other architectural extras, such as walk-in closets, can define luxury.


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