Outdoor Activities for the Colder Months in Dubai

September 30, 2022

Five fun Ramadan activities for the whole family - Mother, Baby & Child

With its pleasant year-round temperature, Dubai's nice weather makes it an ideal destination to enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor activities in Dubai range from picnicking and camping in parks to beachside sunset watching. Children will like the following list of outdoor pursuits. Even if the weather decreases, you may still have fun on Dubai City Tour with your family. During the winter, the city offers a wide variety of exciting activities. We've listed below the best outdoor activities to do this winter of 2023.

Enjoy the sea adventure

The Gulf's beautiful beaches and sparkling waters are a big lure. You may take dhow cruises to see Dubai Marina and the Creek in Dubai. The Mega Yacht dinner cruise will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Dubai's Mona Lisa Dinner Cruise and Ocean Empress Dinner Cruise offers a lavish supper buffet for less than a million dollars. A cruise is great for a birthday, party, family vacation, or romantic evening.

Dubai Mall is a winter hotspot

In the colder months, Dubai Mall becomes a one-stop-shop for tourists visiting Dubai. You can also enter Burj Khalifa from the mall. The shopping center is, thus, difficult to miss. On the ice rink, you may go skiing, and there are also game areas. For the fun of mall goers, some live music event is always happening. The number of stores and restaurants is practically endless. It is a popular tourist destination during the winter months in Dubai.

Dubai's winter extreme sport is skydiving

During the colder months in Dubai, skydiving, one of the most extreme activities available, is a great way to satisfy your need for thrills. If you want to feel the exhilaration of free fall, you must jump out of a perfect airplane; your instructor will take care of the rest, ensuring that you land safely and return for more.

The Dubai Media City Winter Festival

The winter festival is one of the best things about going to Dubai in December. This festival has more parties in the United Arab Emirates on a single weekend. You can partake in this fun event if you go to Dubai in December. It kicks off the city's Christmas celebrations and includes activities for kids and several talent competitions. This event has displays from the printing and publishing industries and the media and advertising industries.

Check out the shows in the Dubai Fountain

In an Arba, you can sail over the Burj Lake and see the second-largest choreographed fountain in the world. The Dubai Fountain can spray 22,000 gallons of water up to 900 feet away at once. The fountain dances to Arabic and other music with the help of 6,600 lights and 50 projectors. It is a popular place to go in Dubai during the winter.

The Dubai Autodrome races

If planning a trip to Dubai, you should check out Dubai Autodrome for a thrilling sports experience. Feel the thrill of driving your dream car for three unforgettable laps in the heart of the motorsport venue in the United Arab Emirates. During the winter, this is a great place to go in Dubai.

Witness the Christmas lights at JBR Beach

The Beach at JBR is a great place to go for a lively night out in Dubai. During the winter months in Dubai, the beachfront is the best place to spend an evening because it is beautiful, with great restaurants and cozy cafes, and Christmas decorations are everywhere. Take a slow walk along the beach, cool off in the water, and enjoy the happy atmosphere. Even in the middle of winter, Dubai's Beach is one of the best places to visit in the city.


When winter starts in Dubai, the weather gets cooler, and it's a nice time to visit. Many tourists go to Dubai to enjoy the city's many outdoor attractions during these times. During the day, it will be in the mid-20s, but at night, it will be more relaxed.

This time of year is a great time to go sightseeing in Dubai because the weather is nice enough for long walks to see the city's many sights. Families can have a lot of fun at theme parks.


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