Prep for Diwali to Avoid last-minute Mishaps

September 17, 2022

Diwali is around the corner; the five-day-long festival needs proper preparation. Diwali is the biggest festival for Hindus. Apart from shopping for diyas and mithai, it is time to deck up your house and make it festive-ready. During Diwali, everyone dives into deep cleaning and decorating of the house. If you are planning to do the same, here are a few tips to help you prepare for a dazzling Diwali.

Clear the Clutter

The pile of cutters can be found in every corner of the house, and Diwali is the best time to get rid of that. Clear all unwanted items like clothes, furniture, stationery, utensils etc., that have been collected over the years. With this, you can make way for new things. You can also donate the items which are in good condition instead of throwing them. Get your repair and repaint work done at least before 25-20 days.

Most people get their homes re-painted during Diwali and also get their refurbishment and repair work done. To avoid a last-minute rush, you can book your slot in advance. A fresh coat of paint is a good idea to make your house look sparkling and festive-ready.

Prosperity comes with cleaning

It is believed that by cleaning the house during Diwali, we can make the goddess of wealth Lakshmi happy, who will, in return, bestow upon the good fortune and wealth. The cleaning of the house is also important as it brings positive vibes and attracts prosperity. Make sure to clean every corner of your house and leave not even a single particle of dust anywhere.

An Elegant Entrance

According to an Indian saying, it is believed that to invite the Goddess Lakshmi into your home and receive her blessing, the main entrance should be decorated beautifully. Hang beautiful door hangings, make colourful rangoli, and put some lanterns and candle holders to make it look more aesthetic. Choose a vibrant colour for decoration to make it give it a festive vibe. Making footprints symbolising Goddess Lakshmi is also very common.

Lights all Around

Diwali is all about lights and diyas. It is called the festival of lights for a reason. Decorating houses with diyas is an integral part of the festival. You can be creative by decorating your house with earthen lamps and lanterns. A huge variety of diyas is available during the festival. Fairly lights and strings also enhance the decor of the house

Decorate your house with diyas and put one on every corner of the house. Diyas are available in different designs and colours; the more creative, the better! You can also put up decorations like string lights and fairy lights that beautifully light up the house.

Prepare festive meals

Making sweets and snacks for Diwali is an old Indian tradition which is often exchanged among friends, family and neighbours. Don’t procrastinate in getting your snacks ready. Take some time a few days before Diwali, so you don’t have to rush at the last moment.

Shop for a new outfit

Yes, Diwali is celebrated like a wedding in India. So getting a new dress is mandatory. Decide what attire you want to wear on Diwali. Get yourself a beautiful traditional outfit for the occasion. Do all the shopping for whatever you will need during the festival.

Decide the Gifts

Even if we grow up, the craze of getting gifts remains the main. So, when people say don’t bring gifts, just don’t believe them. The best time to treat friends and family with thoughtful presents is the time of Diwali Celebration. It is the time to light up the lives of people with love and happiness. To make this festive season memorable, get gifts for your loved ones. So buy gifts you want to give to your dear ones on occasion. Instead of getting a box of sweets or dry fruits, treat your dear ones with delectable desserts with Bakingo's cake delivery in Bangalore. The tradition of exchanging gifts during the festival of lights has been around for generations. The idea behind gift giving is to shower love and blessings during the festive season when all the family and friends come together for the celebration.

So this Diwali, get all your preparations done, don't keep anything for the last moment. Spend all the time with your loved ones and celebrate the festival with fervour.



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