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September 24, 2022

Whether you wish to become an interior or exterior designer, a residential or green architect, you need a solid education. More specifically, choosing the right college to boost your knowledge and become adept in architecture is critical. The better the curriculum it offers, the faster you can tackle life challenges and pursue your dreams.

Renowned universities in the United States feature the latest tools and equipment. They also offer state-of-the-art facilities, allowing learners to grasp novel techniques and technologies in the field. Moreover, a top architecture faculty will have experienced teachers and specialists to guide and mentor students throughout meticulously curated programs.

Enrolling at a top-notch school for architecture can guarantee a successful career. In addition, your diploma will help you find a rewarding and lucrative job. Below, we list the top 10 architecture colleges in the USA.


Rice University

Rice is among the leading educational institutions in the USA. The architecture degree offered by the school focuses on research and internships, thus equipping students with the latest developments in the industry. It has also forged ties with the engineering, business, and environmental departments.

Students receive unparalleled assistance and attentiveness to complete their Bachelor’s and Master of Architecture levels. Thanks to the multidisciplinary approach, many graduates from Rice have had promising careers at companies like Apple Inc., Gensler, and HOK.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

If you’re keen on in-depth knowledge and scientific inventions, consider MIT. Architecture studies at the Department focus on new methods of thinking and making. Moreover, MIT offers a multidisciplinary approach that combines computers, production, urbanism, structure, materials, and energy. The arts and humanities are also incorporated.

MIT strives to preserve human values by finding ideal construction solutions. As a result, it is among the top universities in USA to build a career as a designer. MIT lets individual creativity thrive within a humanist environment that is socially, politically, and eco-friendly.

Cornell University

Rated among the best schools in America, the architecture department in Ithaca, New York, takes pride in a highly structured and comprehensive program. Learners will study history, philosophy, technological advances, and structures.

Students follow a curriculum full of creative and critical design practices that push personal abilities to the limits. As they complete semesters, graduates take responsibility for naturally built environments through academically demanding courses. Learners can choose from six different degrees, depending on their inclinations.

Washington University in St. Louis

The School of Architecture in St. Louis has been an independent division for over a century. It was one of the first state schools in the U.S. to offer a six-year joint degree. Moreover, the school boasts a vast pool of nationally and internationally renowned researchers who work as practitioners. These experts assist in making individualized curricula and career chart plans.

Undergraduate students develop making and digital skills, helping them to become creative thinkers and designers. Depending on the choice, they can focus on advanced building design, architecture history/theory, or landscape architecture. Students can also proceed to a master’s degree, preparing them for teaching and leadership positions.

Yale University

Taking an architecture major at Yale offers comprehensive knowledge for various positions in the field. The institution has access to cutting-edge resources, labs, and events that foster visual impact, shape inventions and critical thought.

Carefully tailored courses cover history, philosophy, materials, structure, urbanization, and computing. Advanced design studios, lectures, and seminars are available to any ambitious student. Moreover, informal events and opportunities for open exhibitions and travel further strengthen the curiosity and skepticism of learners.

Georgia Institute of Technology

With a long and distinguished tradition, Georgia Tech offers professional architecture programs. Besides the innovative undergraduate major, there are also post-professional and research-oriented graduate levels. The institution is internationally active and collaborates with high-ranking companies in the industry.

The school’s vision is to reform architecture to fit the challenges of a changing occupation. Engineering that met the industrial age needs must get reshaped for the digital era. Novel practices require flexibility and an enterprising spirit that balances human benefits and environmental costs.


Princeton University

The undergraduate curriculum has an impeccable reputation for its rigorous and interdisciplinary approach. The pre-professional level leads to an A.B. focused on architecture within liberal arts. Attendees are fortunate to have visiting professors from around the world to introduce them to international practice and methodologies.

Learners cover various disciplines, including analysis, computing, representation, and construction technologies. They also delve into the realm of urbanization and architecture history and theory. Besides architecture, University Princeton offers urban planning, visual arts, and civil engineering courses.

Columbia University

Consider Columbia to gain extensive knowledge thanks to the comprehensive curricula and cutting-edge tools. This institution offers numerous courses, events, and activities that urge learners to discover designs and structures with superior performance. Other areas include global trends, history, society, and culture.

Studying architecture at Columbia is a one-of-a-kind experience. It combines technological and humanistic instruments for textual and visual expression in a classroom setting. Specifically created studios and labs are also available.

Southern California Institute of Architecture

SCI-Arc is a world-renowned innovation center for architecture, offering undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. The vibrant atmosphere of its studios makes students feel welcome and inspires them to achieve great results.

The institute strives to find radically new solutions to consumers' changing needs and aspirations. With 80 teaching architects, it offers the 500 architecture students a unique chance to learn in a fluid, nonhierarchical manner. Learners can rethink shapes, create structures, explore spaces, and test the limits of architecture.

Northeastern University

The curriculum at one of the best national architectural institutions combines mandatory environmental design and architecture courses with optional independent subjects. More specifically, Architecture at CAMD introduces learners to the field through essential concepts in related areas.

The undergraduate and graduate curricula offer students a deep understanding of architecture while developing a holistic perspective of its scope and impact. Graduates can meet the evolving societal challenges and erect physical buildings in sustainable ways.

Bottom Line

Our list of best colleges in the States encompasses institutions that offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. So, whether you want to be a designer, architect, researcher, or professor, these suggestions can help. Where you enroll will ultimately depend on your abilities, interests, and goals.

About the Author

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