The Best B2B Extensions for Your Shopware 6 Store

September 13, 2022

Shopware is a fantastic option to consider. Its abundance and high-quality selection of extensions are only two of its many benefits. We believe it is a fantastic idea to expose you to a few of them in order to give you a better sense of the options available to you. There is a huge variety of Shopware extension development categories to choose from, and we are going to discuss some of those categories in the following paragraphs.

It's also crucial to recognize that Shopware extensions come in a wide range of price points. Some are cost-free, while others are between three and five dollars, and yet others are a little more. Carefully consider what you will receive for your money. It could be worthwhile to invest in a more costly product if it has excellent service and a quality product since it will save you time and provide the consumer a better user experience.

The most useful extension categories


Shipping purchased items is an essential component of online buying. W e typically purchase items from places that are not nearby. Therefore, it may be a good idea to consider the shipping extensions that are offered. Some of the expansions have connections to carriers. They make it possible for you to generate a label, which facilitates shipping for both you and your consumers. This might be advantageous for both shipping and product returns by customers.

You may compute delivery times for your customers using plugins, letting them know when their product will arrive. It is possible to prevent shipments to specific countries using a different plugin. This may be due to political factors or the fact that some goods may be restricted in other nations. As you can see, Shopware's extensive ecosystem of extensions provides support for a wide range of shipping-related operations.


The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your Shopware shop cannot be overstated. Putting time and money into search engine optimization (SEO) on a consistent basis may improve your site's ranking and, in turn, your traffic. So it should come as no surprise that there are several SEO plugins available for your Shopware online store. Those add-ons are useful in a wide variety of contexts. For instance, while establishing breadcrumbs or altering your meta descriptions. Moreover, they could make it much simpler to work with sitemaps, error pages, canonical URLs, and redirects. Additionally, certain plugins can assist you with font preloading, Google Page Speed optimization, and the speed at which your pictures load.


Your internet marketing strategy should include newsletters. They let you maintain communication with consumers, who can then find out about new products and whether or not you plan to run any specials in the near future. Still, you must put in place a reliable procedure to link your mailing platform with Shopware. Several add-ons are available, which is great news because they can facilitate this objective.

Top B2B Extensions for Your Shopware 6 Store

Shopware ERP & CRM Extension

This Xentral-powered Shopware add-on allows you to connect your store's ERP and CRM systems. It streamlines client interactions, automates the packaging and shipping procedure, improves production management, and gets rid of accounting mistakes. Orders from all sales channels may be automatically imported, checked, and forwarded to your warehouses, or drop shippers for fulfillment.


In today's digital age, reaching out to your intended audience and communicating with consumers via email is one of the most efficient marketing strategies. This plugin may be used to send emails for marketing campaigns, newsletters, and much more. When you install the app, your Shopware shop will be linked to your email marketing platform. When you connect your store's database to the CleverReach mailing platform, all of your data will be immediately and automatically updated and completed.

Price on Request

You may build a feature that allows consumers to inquire about an item's pricing by using this plugin. You may also specify a minimal price. Everything with a higher price tag will be marked as "Price on Request" by default. If you don't want to use the store's checkout at all, you can disable it entirely.

Form Building Kit Professional

With this add-on, you can make custom forms that accept attachments through e-mail and allow users to upload files. In addition, it offers built-in spam prevention using captchas and integration with a variety of databases. The forms are CMS-compatible and may be embedded there. In addition, you'll have access to a wealth of other tools, such as detailed customer profiles, a sophisticated shopping cart, capabilities for personalizing products, and questions about specific items. This add-on may be used in several places, including the Contact Us page, the Complaints form, surveys, and more.

Display Shop Only after Login

With this add-on, you may restrict access to specific stores or channels for locked-out users. Only after logging in will customers have access to such sales. The business owner must manually activate clients who have signed up for the restricted sales channels before they can begin making purchases. Since you probably don't want to advertise your wares to the general public, this works great for business-to-business (B2B) businesses.

Customer Specific Prices

You may establish customer-specific pricing for various goods with this plugin. The charge can be applied in one of three ways: through the back end administration, directly to the client, or in a consolidated view of all item pricing based on the individual consumer. While net or gross pricing will be shown at the front end, you must input your net value in the admin panel. The command called “vio:customer:prices: import” may be used to import data from the admin panel and Shopware.


A well-known email marketing tool, Sendinblue, allows users to send transactional emails, SMS messages, digital marketing campaigns, and newsletters. It has the ability to correctly arrange and synchronize contacts. Buyers can also receive reminders about forgotten shopping carts. There are 9000 free emails every month that may be used to create newsletters. Additionally, after each shipment, you will receive clear reports and flexible email templates. To find out more about Shopware 6 Extensions To Increase Sales read here


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