The Best Place to Put Your Barbecue

September 5, 2022


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You’ve gone and done it… or you’re still thinking about doing it. That’s right, you’ve got yourself, or about to get yourself, a brand new barbecuing machine. The new centrepiece for your garden, and now you can host some great gatherings with your friends and family for the summer and maybe even beyond thanks to equipment like patio heaters or a gas fire pit.

But now you’ve spent all that money, you might be wondering where the best place to put it is. Read on to find out where in your garden is ideal to set up your barbecue, and how to keep both it and you perfectly safe.

Where To Set Up & Fire Safety

You should place your grill on a flat surface, preferably with paving. Always have fire safety in your mind when it comes to a barbecue. Grass, especially dry grass can catch fire pretty easily so avoid risking this with your barbecue placement. A flat spot in your garden helps prevent the danger of the barbecue tipping over.

High quality artificial grass may be fire resistant, depending on where you got it from and if it has the relevant fire safety certifications. However, it can still melt, ruining the appearance of your garden. Either way, it’s not an excuse to be careless.

Grass isn’t the only thing you need to be aware of, any potentially flammable debris or things like rubbish bins should be a safe distance from the barbecue too.

Keeping an Eye on Safety

Try to set up the barbecue a reasonable distance from your home, you’ll want to avoid setting it up directly near the back door as to not block people from going in or out of the house, especially if there’ll be children running around.

At the same time, you might not want to place it too far from the house to save you from trekking backwards and forwards to get barbecue supplies from indoors.

For the best of safety, place the barbecue in a way so that the chef has a good view and is aware of their surroundings. Make it so that people can see the barbecue from the house so they can safely keep an eye on it, should any problems arise.

Wind and Other Elements

As nice as the smell of barbecuing is, having smoke blow into the house or in the direction of guests isn’t ideal. Try to place the barbecue in accordance with the direction of the wind, so that smoke blows away from people. Smoke inhalation can be dangerous.

If your barbecue is a big, sturdy stainless-steel model, then it should be able to withstand the wind from blowing it over as well as other elements like rain or harsh sun. However, if you are worried about leaving it outside and exposed, especially during long periods where you won’t be using it as much, a good bbq cover will give it the extra protection it needs.

Barbecue in the Shade

Though barbecues are associated with summer, it can get too hot. Standing over a flaming grill during a heatwave can be tough, so see if you can place the barbecue in the shade.

Natural shade from a tree will be the best if you can get it, as smoke won’t get trapped like it would with a tent or other shelter. Just be aware of any low hanging parts of the tree that could potentially cause a fire hazard, you may need to do some trimming. Also make sure that the shade lasts the majority of the day so that you don’t have to wait for an exact window of time to barbecue whilst staying cool.

Additional Tips

Always make sure to store gas canisters appropriately, do not store them indoors but keep them out of direct sunlight. Clean and let the barbecue dry before you put a cover on it, it’s easier to clean a barbecue when it’s still warm (not hot) so food doesn’t stick.


Keep these tips in mind when setting up your barbecue and you’ll get maximum efficiency from it. Now you and your guests can enjoy a safe and comfortable barbecue experience.



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