The Comprehensive Guide to Exploring Morocco

September 15, 2022

Are you considering a trip to Morocco and searching for some reliable travel advice? So continue reading for our best advice and an adventure-filled strategy! Only a four-hour flight separates Morocco from Europe, and you feel as if you've entered a whole new reality. Morocco is the perfect vacation spot for a road trip since it offers experiences, an oriental flare, and a comfortable environment. Morocco is both an instant and persistent source of curiosity for Western tourists. It is best to consult a travel agency if you want to have a great time while staying on budget as well.

When you visit this beautiful country, you'll find dry deserts, spice-filled souks, and a fusion of Berber and Arabian civilizations. Despite the duration of French and Spanish colonial rule, in global cities like Rabat and Casablanca, a more distant history permeates the whole nation. Fez, perhaps the most beautiful city in the Arab world, still practices ways of living from the Middle Ages, when Morocco's monarchy spanned from Senegal to northern Spain. It is still feasible to create tribal atlases of the Berber people in the Atlas and Rif mountains. The physical makeup of the nation serves as a stunning backdrop to all of this, ranging from the Mediterranean coast, through four mountain ranges, to the barren sand and scrub of the Sahara. To help you best prepare for your road trip, we have combined our best travel advice for Morocco.

Top Spots To Visit

Morocco has something for everyone; from tranquil beach resorts on the coast to gorgeous old towns inland, breathtaking scenery in the Rif and Atlas mountains, and the eerie loneliness of the Sahara desert, the country has plenty to offer. You can visit the towns of Tangier, Asilah, and Larache to take in the finest of Morocco's northern coast and beaches. El Jadida, Essaouira, and Sidi Ifni are the top competitors for the greatest seaside locations in the south.

The primary package-tour destination is Agadir, which makes a good home base for exploration. Fez and Marrakesh, two well-known and mostly intact medieval towns, would not let you down. Although the latter is still more well-liked among visitors, the former is more abundant in monuments. In addition to Fez and Marrakesh, prominent towns of significance include Rabat and Casablanca, despite being considerably more contemporary. Easy to access for hiking and exploration, the Rif and Atlas mountain ranges provide beautiful landscapes. Around Jebel Toubkal, the tallest peak in North Africa, trekking is the most popular. Chefchaouen, which is tucked away in the Rif Mountains, is said to be Morocco's most beautiful town with a lot of surprises. The pre-Sahara offers further exploration opportunities outside the Atlas. You may experience a breathtaking contrast of palmeries and desert vistas in the oasis around Skoura, Tinghir, Zagora, Erfoud, and Tata.

Moroccan Transportation Methods

Public Transportation

Morocco's public transportation system is not always reliable. Public bus services are available in the larger cities, including Marrakesh and Casablanca; however, the buses are ancient and packed, and the routes are confusing. The majority of individuals utilize minicabs to visit the towns. They are common throughout the country and are compact enough to accommodate up to three persons. Although the rates can be higher after 8 o'clock, they are still really affordable. You can negotiate your pricing beforehand to make sure you get a fair cost. Larger towns like Marrakesh have meter taxis as well. Starting at roughly 7 MAD, fares increase by 4 MAD for each additional kilometer.

Grand Taxis

If you want to travel greater distances between nearby villages and cities, grand taxis can be your best option. Grand taxis are shared taxis that can accommodate up to six people. Although they won't depart until the cab is completely packed, wait times are usually not too awful. You may find one next to almost every taxi rank or bus or rail terminal. You may have to pay more if you have a lot of baggage, so you should plan accordingly.


Compared to other modes of transportation, intercity buses are an affordable and effective way to travel around Morocco. The top four operators are as follows:

· Supratours


· SATAS (regional)

· Ghazala (regional)

The most dependable bus companies with air-conditioning are CTM and Supratours. You have two options for purchasing your tickets: either online or at the bus terminal. The websites are not very dependable or user-friendly. A 6.5-hour bus trip from Marrakesh to Tangier costs 260–275 MAD, compared to 75–110 MAD for a 4-hour bus trip from Marrakesh to Casablanca. Fez costs 95–120 MAD from Casablanca.


ONCF runs Morocco's national rail network, which connects several of the nation's largest cities, including Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, and Fez. Although they often run on schedule, there may sometimes be delays. High-speed rail is now available between Casablanca and Fez. On ONCF, you may search for pricing and timetables. 50 MAD will get you on the 2.5-hour train from Marrakesh to Casablanca, while 150–180 MAD will get you on the 4.5-hour train from Marrakesh to Rabat. It costs between 50 and 120 MAD to travel 4 hours from Casablanca to Fez. The trip costs 195 MAD and takes 6.5 hours to complete from Fez to Marrakesh.


The primary domestic airline is Royal Air Maroc, and they sometimes offer fantastic deals. Marrakesh to Casablanca takes an hour and costs roughly 870 MAD, whereas Marrakesh to Fez takes an hour and costs 520 MAD.

Car Rental

In Morocco, it's not usually advised to hire a car. As accident rates are high, and drivers are aggressive! But it's a fantastic option to choose if you want to stray off the main road. Rentals are available starting at 200 MAD per day.

Conclusively, to make the most out of your trip to Morocco, there are no prerequisites. However, you should plan your trip according to your budget. Moreover, you can also choose a travel company to assist you so you can have the best journey of your life and enjoy your stay in Morocco.


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