The Peculiarities of Matte Cover for Cars

September 27, 2022

There are some modern tendencies in the style and design of cars, including their paintwork. The current trend in vehicle painting is matte paints and varnishes, and using them isn’t a bad idea for car update, for example, after purchase on car auction. Matte covers have several advantages that would seem great to any motorist. Are you curious to learn more? Let’s sort everything out in our article.

The Matte’s Effect Nature

A matte car’s surface requires less maintenance: it does not have to be regularly wiped and polished to give it a shine, and small scratches, even if they appear on it, remain almost invisible.

How does the matte color occur? After the car's body has already been painted, a varnish is applied to it, into which a special light-absorbing material is mixed. It happens that the paint already contains it. The varnish does not have any effect on the color of the machine. The gloss level can be reduced or increased by reducing or increasing the concentration of the light-absorbing agent. The application procedure can be done by hand.

Matte cars are currently extremely popular among young people. Emphasizing the taste of the owner, the vehicle in this guise looks more interesting. Painting a car in a matte color is quite expensive. This option isn’t suitable for every automobile. After all, the main task of a matte vehicle cover is to highlight some interesting parts of the body shape. For example, white makes your car look clean and tidy.

Peculiarities of the Matte Cover

At its core, the technology of painting a car in a matte color is no different from the technology of using conventional paint with a gloss. Moreover, the same paint and varnish can be used to achieve this goal as for creating a glossy surface. To make them matte, simply add a special substance to the liquid that can regulate the gloss of the paint. The more you dilute paint or varnish with it, the more matte the surface of the car will turn out.

If you want a matte car color instead of a glossy one, you can use a matte varnish for that. To achieve your goal, you will only need to cover the surface of the car with a layer of matte varnish after washing the surface of the body, sanding, and priming. But a matte surface can also be achieved by simple grinding, during which all the gloss of the smooth surface left by the paintwork is simply knocked off. Under a microscope, the surface of a matte car will look like a mountainous area. After drying, all the matte paints and special materials for creating such an effect on a car make the surface of the car body a little rough. For example, when applying polyurethane paint, the car's body takes on the appearance of an orange peel.

The advantage of using varnish to give the surface of the car a matte effect is that the vehicle's color remains the same and can become even more saturated. However, the matte lacquer is a very fragile material, which can chip even with minor impacts. This can be avoided by applying not varnish, but matte paint to the surface of the car, the features of which we will discuss further.

Using the Matte Paint

Matte car paint can have different effects. And although applying this type of paint to the surface of a car requires a lot of effort and skill in working with a specific paint, it still allows you to get a number of advantages:

  • matte paint has superior resistance when compared to standard glossy paint;
  • such a car coating has a long service life;
  • this paint is distinguished by its decorative properties, which immediately attract the attention of others to the car.

In addition, the matte polyurethane paint has a unique tactile effect called "soft touch." To the touch, such a surface turns out to be bumpy, and due to the special composition of polyurethane paint, the same feeling is transmitted to the fingers as when stroking velvet fabric. The drawbacks of such a coating can only be attributed to its excessive cost.

Keep in mind that the color fading of a matte car surface is many times faster than that of a glossy one. This is because the glossy surface can reflect light. As for the matte one, it absorbs almost all the light that falls on it, as a result of which it loses its color.

Final Thoughts

Matte-colored cars are becoming increasingly popular, so there are many different finishes and paints on the market that allow you to achieve the effect. Fortunately, this kind of car conversion can be easily done at home.


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