Tips for Converting Your Metal Carport into Metal Garage

September 13, 2022

Are you planning to convert your metal carport into a garage building? If you don’t know about the installation or customization process of the steel structure, it will still be an easy task for you.

The conversion process won’t take much time to convert the carport into a garage structure. Generally, there are several similarities between carport and garage buildings in terms of structural design.

All the similarities can reduce the complexity of the altercation process. Considering the following tips will reduce the complexity of the conversion task.

Check Local Building Laws

Local laws are critical when it comes to building conversion. Building laws and standards are slightly different for garage and carport structures. If a carport structure needs to be transformed into a garage building, it must comprise all basic garage standards.

You won’t get a building permit if the transformed design does not meet the minimum required standard. Before going into the transformation part, researching local building law will help ease the process’s complexity.

To get legal permits from the local building authority, at least benchmarking standards should be followed. By comparing benchmarking standards for structure and design, appropriate measures can be considered during the transformation process.

Cost Considerations

Besides getting permits from the local building authorities, cost is another critical factor in the building transformation process. It is essential to be realistic when designing the budget for the entire transformation.

The conversion process cost can be categorized into three types: preparation, conversion, and furnishing.

By analyzing costs in different segments of the altercation process, a better financial plan can be prepared for it. Such budget segregation can help manage all expenses throughout the process.

Evaluate Existing Structure

It is the initial stage of transforming the existing carport structure into a garage. Before starting the customization or conversion process, conditions of the carport must be evaluated. All the weak joints and components must be listed for further processing.

Improve Foundation

Modifying the foundation is also a challenging task in the transformation of a carport into a prefab garage building. You might have to add some changes to existing floor to keep it aligned with garage structure. It is not sure that Foundations used for the carport structure will be suitable for the garage.

For example, additional footers can be added to foundation structure to make it stable enough to hold garage building. By setting up more concrete anchors in the foundation, the base rail can be easily fixed.

Using all these ways, entire carport structure, including foundation, can be prepared for further transformation process. Based on all requirements and planning, all relevant changes can be imposed to the existing metal carport structure.

Support Beams

The preparation stage is mainly focused on the primary and secondary frames of the structure. Because of structural differences, some components must be installed in the existing carport structure to prepare it for further modifications.

Along with structural designing, faulty components also can be replaced with a new ones to enhance the stability of the structure.

Some fundamental changes can be implemented in the primary frame of the carport structure to project it as a garage building. The building frame generally consists of metal beams that support entire structure. At last, all the wall panels are fixed on the secondary frame of the transformed building using screws.

Using corner brackets, the stability of the primary and secondary frames can be improved. Such changes will prevent distortion in the converted garage building.

Roof Change

Replacement of the carport roof is the most challenging stage of the building transformation process. It entirely depends on local building guidelines and level of safety you want for the structure. Carport structures primarily consist of regular and boxed eave roofs. By considering safety requirements and climate conditions, the building roof can be upgraded to a vertical roof type.

It entirely depends on local building guidelines, and If no changes are required, you can keep the existing roof for the structure.

Finalize Building Design

Interior and exterior designing parts come after the completion of all structural modifications. The final design part mainly focuses on the structure’s aesthetic and functionality.


A carport is an open structure that does not consist of any door, but a garage does have one. Roll-up doors are the primary choice of people for garage buildings. Along with a simple roll-up garage door, one or more walk-in doors can be installed in the garage building.


Accessing natural light in an enclosed structure like a prefab garage is challenging. But you can access it by installing windows and sunroofs in the facility can make it energy efficient. Based on metal building standards, multiple windows can be installed in wall panels.

Interior Designing &Exterior Design

It is the end stage of entire transformation process. After adding utility connections to the garage structure, it is ready for the final finishing job. At this stage garage structure can be equipped with storage furniture and appropriate flooring. From an aesthetic point of view, paint jobs and exterior designing can increase the curb value of the structure.


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