Top Tips For Staging A Celebrity Luxury Villa

September 21, 2022

Celebrities have varied tastes and preferences. It’s likely that the house you’re staging already reflects the personality of the star who’s put up the luxury villa for sale. It may be very gaudy or extremely understated.

It’s your job to strip the house of any extreme styling and give it a universal appeal. 

If the vibe is too flashy you’ll have to tone things down. Take off any artwork that’s too bold. Get rid of the wallpaper that seems awkward. Yes, even if the stuff is all too expensive.

If the decor is so plain that it appears unimpressive, redo it. 

The place should have some glamor, a touch of class and a captivating personality. 

Not sure how to do it right? These tips will set you off to a good start.

When in Doubt, Keep it Neutral

Choosing colors for a client you don’t know much about can be tricky. The future buyer may typically like only vibrant colors or only pastel colors. They may favor a particular color or hate it absolutely. 

There’s no way to get the color choice right without knowing their preferences.

An easy way out is to keep things neutral. 

Keep the furnishings plush but the colors subtle. Beige, gray, white, brown - these colors on the wall will leave a nice neutral palette. 

These colors complement bright as well as pastel-colored accents well. So the new buyer will be able to imagine how the place will look when they add their colors and finishing touches. 

And that’s the secret to getting the deal done quickly!

Touch-up the House Paint

No matter how well the mansion has been kept by the owner, the interior and exterior paints will lose their luster over time.

Fresh paint will make the place look anew. You’ll also get the opportunity to check the place for any signs of poor maintenance, and take care of stains or cracks straight away.

Give a New Shine to the Flooring

Home stagers often make the mistake of neglecting the floors, and remodeling everything else.

Sadly, once the job’s done, the old flooring appears glaringly characterless, or even shabby.

When you’re going to stage the villa for sale, floor refurbishment should be included in your priority list too. Floor stripping machines can quicken the floor revamping task considerably, so you should definitely consider investing in one.

Get Decorating

Decorating a celebrity villa - now that’s not just anybody’s cup of tea. 

Remember, you need to add just the right amount of extravagance to make the place distinctly celebrity-worthy.

Don’t make an effort to put up artwork in the bedroom or decorate the bath or kitchen. The new owner would prefer to make a personal statement about doing up these spaces. 

Focus on the common spaces instead - the living room, the dining hall, the entryway, etc. 

Place a nice selection of coffee-table books beside the couch. Hang a classy mirror in the entryway. Spruce up the lighting a bit. These elements, though subtle, lend a happy overall vibe to the space.

Tend to the Outdoors

The outdoors are your opportunity to make a solid first impression. Don’t get so busy brightening up the indoors that you completely forget how the villa looks on the outside. 

Get the lawn mowed. Clean up the pool. Style the patio. Hire a landscape gardener if you’ve got the time for extensive landscaping. Just make sure every outdoor feature of the villa excites the visitor.

Conclusion: Don’t Forget to Add a Welcoming Touch

Remember the pro tip for home-stagers from the movie Leap Year? Always try to add a special warmth to the place. 

Get creative. Play light instrumental music. Or brew up some gourmet coffee. Add sweet-smelling potpourri at the entryway. Anything that will make your buyer’s heart skip a beat, is a guarantee that the place will sell instantly.

Crystal Simmons is a freelance writer and is passionate about helping people. She also has her own blog where she shares her tips and tricks.

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