Ways to Raise Your House's Water Pressure

September 6, 2022

The day can't start or end on a low note, and neither can a weak shower. However, when other repairs around the house are more pressing, insufficient water pressure may have to be tolerated until the more pressing issues are resolved. You may be able to put up with a trickle, but your eager weekend visitors from out of town deserve better.

Don't allow a lack of water pressure to diminish your status as host extraordinaire! The following methods, ranging from easy tweaks to substantial undertakings, can help you achieve a healthy water flow once and for all, both for yourself and any future house visitors. Here are a few basic steps to fix low water pressure at home.

Contact your local water authority

If your residence is connected to the city's water system, you should contact the water department to have the pressure of the water supply checked. To ensure proper pressure is being provided, they will conduct a pressure test (usually at no extra cost to you). If they check the main water line and find nothing wrong, the problem must be within your home's water-supply system.

If your home's water supply comes from a deep well and you've noticed a drop in water pressure, it may be time to have a well-pump specialist take a look at the good pump and the expansion tank.

The Water Pressure Test

If your water pressure gauge shows less than 40 psi, your system is suffering from low water pressure (PSI). Water pressure in most houses needs to be between 40 and 60 PSI, with 50 PSI being the sweet spot. Here's a simple and reliable method for determining your home's water pressure:

Spend the some bucks on a basic pressure gauge. Attach the gauge to a garden hose faucet using the female threaded fitting. As a precaution, double-check that all shut-off valves are open and the water meter is receiving full flow. The water pressure can be read by fully opening the hose faucet and seeing the needle on the pressure gauge. Your home has low water pressure if the gauge shows a reading of less than 40 PSI.

Pressure-Reducing Valve Setting

Increasing water pressure is as straightforward as adjusting the pressure-reducing valve on the main water supply pipe, which may be found adjacent to the water meter, around the point where the line enters the house.

There is a threaded bolt sticking up from the top of the valve. Tightening the bolt clockwise after the locking nut has been loosened will increase pressure. Again, the ideal water pressure is around 50 PSI, and you may use a pressure gauge to tell when you've reached that level. The valve needs to be locked in place, so turn the locknut until it clicks.

Remove the Blockages

Pipes can get clogged up with mineral deposits over time, and this is exacerbated by hard water. The water pressure in a home can be fatally reduced if the pipes in it shrink to the point where water cannot freely flow through them. Consequently, you will be left with a dismal trickle from the faucet or shower.

Set up a Pressure Enhancer

Hire a professional plumber for the installation of a water-pressure booster pump if previous measures have failed to raise water pressure. These little, yet powerful electric pumps are inserted into the water supply line and turbocharge the incoming pressure, bringing it up to the ideal level.

Please be aware that there is a large price and size range for booster pumps, from around $100 to over $700. You should see a professional plumber find out which pump is ideal for your household.

Beware of Potential Leaks

Leaks caused by cracks or damage in the pipes can cause water pressure to drop dramatically in the home's plumbing system, reducing the flow of water to a trickle at the tap. To determine if the main water line in your home has been damaged, you should turn off the water valve inside and note the reading on the water metre. Come back in two hours and recheck the meter. Leaks are indicated by higher readings, which may indicate the need to bring in an expert.

The pipes made of galvanized steel are more prone to rust and corrosion over time, so if you're thinking of replacing them, plastic or copper would be better options. Do-it-yourself fixing is not required for this problem. A licensed plumber is needed to replace the pipes.

Pipe replacement is an expensive project, but it will do more than raise water pressure and enhance your shower experience. Updating your plumbing can improve the quality of your water in several ways, including the pressure of your water, the likelihood of leaks in the future, and the absence of corrosives in your water supply.

Final Thoughts

Such methods are among the most effective for determining the cause of low water pressure at home. Most problems with low water pressure in the home can be fixed with some reading, some digging, some experience, and some assistance from a professional.

The water pressure in your home can be improved in several ways, including the installation of a water pressure booster and the simple action of opening a partially closed valve.


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