What comes into life when buying a property in Dubai?

September 23, 2022

Visiting Dubai once or seeing the videos on Youtube, everyone must have thought: What if I move to the city and live there for some time? The sparkling skyscrapers with glass facades, advanced infrastructure, numbers of talented people from different spheres and loads of job opportunities are the best characteristics of the shining Dubai. No surprise that there are many luxurious variants of real estate for sale in Dubai the UAE as the city is in constant development. Specialists are eager to relocate to the epicenter of life in the UAE, experience new emotions and play according to the rules of a foreign country.

New rules to tackle in Dubai

As one of the most technologically developed and visited cities, Dubai has several unique characteristics. Having a desire to move to any of its neighborhoods, introduce yourself with the following facts:

  • The level of security is extremely high. There is no corruption in the governmental structures and no crime on the streets. Security index here reaches 82.96% that makes the city one of the safest places in the world.
  • The methods the government uses to fight the extreme heat. As Dubai is built in the desert, cold temperature is something that never comes to this locality. High air temperature is conquered by air conditioning systems installed everywhere in public places, lots of greenery and shady parks, and water reservoirs.
  • Absence of taxes on property and high salary level. The expensive life requires big salaries. However, good job opportunities allow finding money on living. There are always vacancies in the international companies, tourist sphere, educational and medical institutions.
  • Presence of freehold zones which offer get a property in Dubai at affordable prices.
  • Only legal working agreements and conditions can be performed in Dubai. Illegal workers that do not pay taxes can be required to pay fees or deported.

Unpleasant features of life in Dubai

There is no ideal place in the world, unfortunately. However, we should agree that disadvantages are quite subjective criteria based on purely personal impressions. Let`s explore some of the most vivid unusual things for most foreigners to face in Dubai.

  • The population consists of Muslims. It is advisable to learn detailed information about the laws, norms, and traditions of the culture not to offend anybody in the country. Death penalties still exist for definite sins. In general, the country sticks to established norms in most aspects and does not bare non-content.
  • Various types of visa are free to apply for, but getting a citizenship is a very rare thing. Even investing millions of dollars in the UAE, there is no confidence in becoming a citizen of the country.
  • High quality of life requires big sums of money. However, if you have a good job with considerable income, you are welcome to enjoy all the opportunities.

Possible ways of relocating to Dubai

Relocation to any place means changing your life at once and ruining yearly-established routines. Considering your budget and making sure you want to build a career in one of the most popular cities in the world, here are some options for you.

  1. Find an international or a local company in Dubai, get a job there, sign a contract and apply for a temporary job visa. After arrival, undergo a medical examination, and arrange a resident visa.
  2. Marry a local resident and get an invitation. According to the rules, Arabs with a huge fortune can marry a girl of another fortune.
  3. Start a business and earn money tax free. There are no taxes in Dubai, however your company should work successfully and legally make money.
  4. Study in one of the universities in Dubai. Getting a higher education in the UAE you invest into your future and obtain knowledge of extreme value.
  5. Invest in real estate. Real estate market really impresses. According to Emirates.Estate to get a resident visa you need to buy apartments in Dubai for more than $273,000. No doubt, the money will definitely pay off.

So, what comes into life?

As it was said above, Dubai, the UAE is a unique city with its rules and laws. Having spent several months among luxury, style, and talented people, you will understand that the benefits outweigh the costs.

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