What exactly is an evaporative cooler?

September 15, 2022

An evaporative cooler is a type of cooler that cools the air by evaporating water. Evaporative coolers work with the evaporative cooling process. Evaporative cooling is a process in which the phenomenon of evaporation is used as a natural heat absorber. All over the world, many people have tried to make a device to cool the air until today, this device has its current name. Due to the way this model works, the evaporative cooler is also known as the air conditioning system. The first examples of coolers worked with water, and for this reason, they were known as evaporative coolers. In the old days, these coolers worked in such a way that the device pulled the air that was flowing outside the house inside and cooled the air using the water inside it. On hot summer days, the evaporative cooler contributes a lot to creating a suitable and cool temperature. Evaporative coolers are always used on hot summer and spring days. There are different types of evaporative coolers, some of which can be installed at home, and some coolers are portable and can be taken anywhere.

Everything about Absal Evaporative coolers

Due to the dryness of the climate, evaporative coolers are one of the most used household appliances in Iran. Climatic and regional differences and the variety of buildings in different parts of Iran have prompted Absal Company to meet the demands of all consumers of evaporative coolers. Produce yourself in different models and sizes. Evaporative coolers save electricity because they use very little electrical energy to evaporate water. These coolers create moisture in dry air and prevent skin from drying out. The moisture created by these coolers prevents shocks caused by static electricity and prevents wooden items from cracking. Absal evaporative coolers are designed and built in such a way that it creates the necessary humidity in hot and dry air and gives you pleasant and pleasant air. With the support of its regular after-sales service network, Absal evaporative coolers bring you a lifetime of comfort. Absal company's energy-efficient coolers are one of the best choices of customers who pay special attention to the quality and efficiency of the purchased product, these coolers with the lowest electricity consumption of up to 62% compared to similar conventional coolers and their low noise are popular among sellers and consumers. The above coolers are equipped with a BLDC motor and have three different speeds, each of which can be adjusted by the consumer. By buying low-consumption air conditioners, you can cool your work or living space with pleasant air coming out of these air conditioners.

Absal Evaporative cooler varieties

Absal Evaporative coolers, like many other appliances and equipment, are classified into several types based on their intended use and usage, as follows:

  1. Transportable Absal Evaporative coolers

Portable or moveable Evaporative coolers, as the name suggests, can move and be portable. The tank of this cooler can either be filled manually or it can be directly connected to the hose and faucet.

  1. mounted Absal Evaporative coolers

Due to its large dimensions, the most common type of Evaporative cooler is installed on the roof or terrace, or sometimes in the yard, and you can benefit from its cool air by using ductwork.

Fixed Evaporative coolers are classified into two types: ordinary Evaporative coolers (with covers) and cellulose Evaporative coolers.

As we all know, in a standard Evaporative cooler, cool air is created by water falling on the bags and air passing through the wet bags, and of course, the bag loses its continuity after less than a month and the bag becomes empty. It reduces the cooling efficiency of conventional Evaporative coolers in some places.
Cellulose Evaporative coolers use cellulose pads rather than cloth, which provides a better and more consistent supply of cool air in cellulose coolers due to cellulose's volumetric consistency when compared to cloth.
Using a cellulose pad instead of a pad in Evaporative coolers due to its ability to absorb more water than a pad, as well as combining regular, wavy, and uniform layers of cellulose, uniform distribution of water on the cellulose pad, and as a result, the most effective contact surface. It creates more coolness (about 2 to 3 degrees Celsius more than coolers with covers) and prevents the transfer of airborne particles and bacteria into the cooler channel by acting as a barrier between the passing air and the moist surface of the cellulose pad.
Evaporation cooler with propeller or axial ventilation fan: In this type of Evaporative cooler, which is placed directly in the window, there is only direct ventilation and no air passing through the channel. (In general, a centrifugal fan is installed in fixed Evaporative coolers to overcome the pressure drop of the air passing through the cooler's air channels), but if you want to use the Evaporative cooler directly and without ducting for any location, you can use all kinds of Evaporative coolers with axial (window) fans, which are nearly half the price of common Evaporative coolers.
(Of course, keep in mind that these Evaporative coolers must be installed outside the building to receive fresh air.) As a result, Evaporative coolers with an axial ventilation fan (window) can only be used when the cool air is blown directly from the cooler's air outlet to the desired space without ducting.

Absal Evaporative cooler types according to location and ventilation method

In addition, Evaporative coolers are classified into two types based on their location and method of ventilation.

Evaporative coolers with an air outlet or ventilation channel on one of the cooler's sides, as well as top-ventilation coolers with a ventilation channel on the cooler's roof.

Evaporative coolers with upward ventilation: These Evaporative coolers, which are the most appropriate choice for installation on the balcony or terrace of residential units, have the ability to cool the incoming air from all four directions of the cooler, and secondly, if installed on the balcony or terrace, with attention paid to ventilation from above, they have the ability of easier channeling.

An important point to remember when starting up Evaporative coolers:

according to statistics of electric shocks resulting in death in the service of Evaporative coolers, make sure to turn off the device's power switch or seek assistance from experienced servicemen before their annual or seasonal service.

It should be noted that Absal Evaporative coolers with above-ground ventilation are manufactured and sold in both mesh and cellulose Evaporative coolers.

The main components of the Absal Evaporative cooler

The components of today's Evaporative coolers are different from the ancient ones. Each Evaporative cooler consists of the following components:

1.       Cooler outlet channel

This channel is placed between the air vent and the tarpaulin, and if it is not exposed to sunlight, the efficiency of the Evaporative cooler increases, and it produces cooler air.

1.       Internal channel

This channel is placed inside the cooler and in front of the propeller.

2.       Canvas cooler body

The tarpaulin prevents the vibrations of the cooler from being transmitted to the outlet channel. Canvas fabric must be healthy.

3.       Gutters

Water inlet and distribution channels located on cooler covers are called gutters.

4.        Big shaft and small shaft

The task of these two pulleys is to transfer the mechanical force generated in the electric motor to the fan axis with the help of the connecting belt. The alignment of the big shaft and the small shaft is very important.

5.       Floater

The function of the float is to keep the water level inside the cooler tank constant.

6.       Fuse

Protects the cooler from electrical hazards such as overload.

7.       Terminal box

The metal body of the Evaporative cooler is used to create reliable and insulated connections.

8.       Two-speed electric motor

Its task is to rotate the fan in the Evaporative cooler and includes the following:

  • Starter capacitor
  • Power factor correction capacitor
  • Centrifugal key
  • Starter coil
  • Coil away
  • Fast winding

9.       Cooler water pump (water pump)

10.   It helps water move from the tank to the top of the cooler walls, where the cellulose pads or pads are located, and pour into the gutters.

11. Engine belt

12.   The job of the motor belt is to transfer the power of the electric motor to the poly cooler. One of the parts that should always be checked is the place where the engine belt passes because the presence of any appendages in this part will cause the engine belt to tear.

13. Evaporative Pads
Strings of Evaporative Pads are made of wood, which is produced by a machine called Cover, or Cellulose Pad.

What are Absal Evaporative Pads?

These wooden strings are placed in nylon nets, and the use of wooden strings is because they can hold water and when the evaporative cooler engine is turned on, cold air flows into the environment. You should replace the Evaporative Pads when you feel that it no longer absorbs water.

All kinds of evaporative pads available on the market

Currently, there are two types of cellulosic and ordinary evaporative pads on the market to prevent dust from entering the cooler valve and also to create cold air.

Ordinary pads: Ordinary cooler pads have a woven appearance, and the strings of covers are cut into specific dimensions ranging from 1 to 4 mm in thickness and 1 to 2 mm in width. Because of the increased ability to absorb and retain water, this configuration has increased the porosity of the wood texture.

Cellulosic pads: The appearance of the cellulose pad is similar to a honeycomb. Therefore, it is also called a honeycomb cooling pad. Cellulose pads are not stringy, unlike wooden pads. The uniform structure of cellulose pads has increased the contact surface of hot weather and increased the rate of transfer and cooling. For this reason, it is said that the use of cellulose pads increases the efficiency of an evaporative cooler by 50%.

The best kind of evaporative pads

The best type of product for replacing cooler pads is cellulose pads that are easily wetted by water and can hold water for a long time. Evaporative pads make the air produced by the engine cooled enter through the evaporative cooler channel.

If the evaporative pads have lost their useful life, they can have an effect on air conditioning and cooling; Therefore, the process of replacing the cooler cover should be done well every year.

Avoiding the risks of replacing the evaporative pads

When you turn on the evaporative cooler, water enters the evaporative cooler and wets the evaporative pads so that cold air enters the environment through the evaporative cooler channel.
To change the evaporative pads, you must make sure that the power is off so that there are no risks such as electrocution. You can protect yourself from the risk of electric shock by using gloves, and you will not be harmed when opening the evaporative cooler door.

How is it possible to replace the evaporative pads?

Replacing the evaporative pads is one of the steps of servicing the cooler. It is good to do this yourself and whenever you feel that these pads need to be changed, you can easily replace them. You can also use the service for this.

After replacing the evaporative pads, wet and wash the new pads well so that their raw smell disappears and this smell does not enter the environment through the cooler.

We suggest you change the evaporative pads once a year or you can change them when you visit the evaporative pads if you see it is damaged or worn out. The new pads you get should fit the size of your cooler.

To replace the evaporative pads, you must first open the cooler valve. You can do this by pulling these valves to the top. After opening, wash the pads well and clean the fan and propeller. Lubricate the bearing and bearings, and if the belt needs to be replaced, replace it. Check all parts of the cooler, if any part is damaged or has a problem, fix it.

There is a protector on the pads of the cooler that is secured by a hook or drawer, open it and put it aside. After you have washed the pads and put them on the valve with moisture and close it again as you opened the pads by placing new pads. Put the cooler valves in their place. The work of replacing the evaporative pads is finished, and now you can put a wet handkerchief or towel in front of the air outlet to turn on the cooler. If there is dust or dust, stick to a napkin and do not enter the environment.

Examining the benefits and drawbacks of Absal Evaporative coolers in detail

As we approach the hot seasons of the year, our need for air conditioners grows, and most of us will consider purchasing an air conditioner appropriate for the weather conditions of our residence. We recommend purchasing Absal Evaporative coolers if you live in a dry climate. Many Evaporative coolers can be found on the roofs of houses in hot and dry areas. In the following sections, we will look at the benefits and drawbacks of Absal Evaporative coolers to assist you in making a purchasing decision.

Advantages of Absal Evaporative cooler

The advantages of evaporative coolers are not few compared to other cooling devices such as air conditioners, among these advantages, the following can be mentioned:

  • A suitable device for dry weather and low rain

As mentioned in the beginning of the text, the evaporative cooler reduces the ambient temperature by creating moisture in the air. The cost-effectiveness of the evaporative cooler is due to the cheaper price of its parts and low energy consumption.

  • One of the most important advantages of evaporative coolers compared to gas coolers is related to the reasonable purchase price and low energy consumption of this device.

In addition, the energy consumption of evaporative coolers is about 50 to 90% less than that of gas coolers.

  • Easy installation and maintenance

Another advantage of the evaporative cooler is related to easy installation and simple maintenance of this device, because, unlike a gas cooler, this device does not consist of complex devices such as a compressor.

It works only with the help of a propeller and a simple water pump, and there is no refrigerant gas in this device.

Also, there is a need to implement the built-in plumbing of the air conditioner to install this device, while installing an evaporative cooler is much easier than a gas air conditioner and does not require special expertise. The only requirement for the installation of this device is the implementation of the evaporative cooler water piping system. In addition, if the components of the evaporative cooler are defective, the costs required to repair the evaporative cooler will be less due to the simple and cheap parts.

Why might the Absal Evaporative cooler water pump fail?

Check that the pump does not run dry and that the cooler tray is always full of water. The water pump should be lubricated regularly, and dirty water with deposits should not be allowed to enter it. In general, the cooler's water pump should be replaced every few years, and it is usually not expensive. Because water should not reach the upper part of the water pump, an emergency exit is installed in the tray's bottom, which will overflow if the water level rises above the preset value (indicating that the floater or float is damaged). Check that the outlet is not blocked. (In addition to the risk of burning the pump, this item also poses the risk of electric shock and connection, both of which are extremely dangerous.)

What is the issue if the Absal Evaporative cooler does not effectively cool the air?

Check to see if the cooling water pump and all three water pump outlets are not dry. When the water pump is turned on, all three tubes must have a water outlet. Ensure that the water is evenly distributed and wets all of the sheets.

It is recommended that the covers be replaced every year or at most every year so that the covers do not stick to each other due to sediment and that the air flows freely inside.

Check that the belt connecting the alternator is tight. If the belt becomes loose, the dynamo will rotate and the fan speed will decrease.

What is the importance of Absal Evaporative cooler maintenance?

Unlike other air conditioning systems, Absal Evaporative cooler maintenance is not very complicated.
You may ask what is the reason for the easy maintenance of the Absal evaporative cooler.
This issue is related to the relatively simple construction of the Evaporative cooler.
The main thing to do to prevent problems in Evaporative coolers is to keep them clean.
Sediments and mineral salts in the water on the one hand and dust in the air on the other hand pollute different parts of the cooler over time.
Every year, before starting the Evaporative cooler, all its parts should be completely cleaned.
In addition, make sure that the water flow is maintained during the operation of the cooler.
Decreasing the water level in the cooler causes high pressure on the pump and as a result, it burns.
You can also ensure the health of this equipment by continuously lubricating the pump.
Also, replace the cooler covers preferably once a year or every two years so that the efficiency of the cooler remains in a favorable condition.

What areas is the Absal Evaporative cooler suitable for?

You may ask what the best weather conditions are for using an Evaporative cooler. In response, we must say that Evaporative coolers are only used in areas where the air humidity level is low. As you can see, in this cooling equipment, the water droplets are in direct contact with the air. In this way, the air humidity increases. One of the main factors in thermal comfort is air humidity. If the air humidity exceeds a certain limit, it becomes practically difficult to breathe there. This is the reason why Evaporative coolers are not used for cooling in the southern and northern regions of Iran where the level of humidity is always high.

How should an Absal evaporative cooler be used properly?

Now that we've answered the question of what is an Evaporative cooler, we should learn how to use it correctly. When turning on the Evaporative coolers, some people completely close all windows and openings for air exchange with the outside environment. Meanwhile, it is recommended that some windows in the building be opened. This will improve the airflow in the building. As a result, hot air is directed outside the building, and cool air from the Evaporative cooler channel enters to replace it.

Final Speech

All this information is included on the body or box of the Absal Evaporative cooler, and in addition, you can also get help from the sellers and specialists of the DamaTajhiz online store in order to find the best option for buying an Absal Evaporative cooler for your home and place of residence. This point will help you to avoid additional costs for paying the bill and also by choosing and buying the most suitable evaporative cooler from Absal Company, you will avoid needing to repair your evaporative cooler as much as possible.
In Iran, DamaTajhiz is the first and most famous specialized group in the field of building installation equipment, air conditioners, and purifiers since 2004. For more information, you can get advice from the experts of DamaTajhiz Engineering and Production Company by calling 021-88822550 or texting via WhatsApp at 00989021334423.
Now you know all the necessary tips about Absal Evaporative coolers. So, we are at your service in the sales and store department of DamaTajhiz to respond and provide better evaporative cooler purchase services.

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