What you should know before buying composite decking boards?

September 15, 2022

As a deck for constructing an outdoor living area. Outdoor decks are more susceptible to the environment because they must survive the elements throughout the year. This is one of the primary reasons why traditional wood decking requires constant cleaning and maintenance. In the modern world, more and more individuals are opting to construct outdoor living spaces with composite decking boards. So, what must we know prior to purchasing composite decking?

Common composite decking

PVC decking

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most widely utilized thermoplastic polymers in the world. Since its inception, it has been utilized most frequently in the construction industry, followed by signs, medicinal, and textile fibers.

For the building sector, PVC decking is economical and simple to transport. Additionally, it possesses the benefits of a plastic composite product. It has high environmental adaptation and good resistance to water and mildew.

Decking for roof and balcony(1)

Although PVC decking has numerous benefits, however, it has limitations that prevent its widespread usage as outdoor decking. PVC has poor thermal stability, so throughout the manufacturing process, chemicals that stable the material at higher temperatures are frequently applied. In addition, when PVC materials melt or catch fire, they generate poisonous gases. It is extremely hazardous to human health, which is one of the reasons why outdoor PVC decking is not as popular.

Composite decking boards

Plastic flooring is not the same as composite decking. It is composed of a mixture of wood fibres and recyclable plastic. In many cases, recycled materials account for the majority of the plastic utilized. Plastic flooring is essentially plastic, albeit it may have a number of additives to resist sun damage, scratches, and environmental conditions.

Composite wood decking, on the other hand, is more similar to natural wood than PVC decking, which has a distinct plastic feel. It can create a rich surface and color for your deck.

Composite decking has more uses besides decking. This consists of decorative panels, outdoor furniture, wall panels, and fencing.

Composite decking is quite resilient. Since it does not absorb moisture. It does not decay since it is devoid of organic matter. Composite wood decking does not require sanding and re-staining, unlike wood decking. This means that once composite decking has been placed, the following conditions will exist. You can enjoy the convenience of composite deck flooring without devoting a great deal of effort to its maintenance.

Capped composite decking

Capped composite decking features four-sided capping technology for increased scratch resistance. In addition to having exceptional resistance to sunlight, stains, mold, and bacteria, the material is also resistant to fading. Excellent UV, stain, mold, and bacterial resistance.

Due to a specific coating formulation, it is possible to cap composite decking. And it lacks an unpleasant plastic texture. Additionally, the unique coating technology enhances the touch feel. Anti-static, soft, and low thermal conductivity.

Advantages and disadvantages of composite decking

Advantages of composite decking

  • Can be shaped into a variety of forms, including curves.
  • Waterproof and resistant to rust and mold without sealing
  • resistant to several agents and chemicals
  • Produced in numerous colours
  • fade-resistance
  • Contains no chemical treatments
  • Does not fracture
  • versus insects
  • 100 per cent recyclable

Cons for composite decking

  • Can look manufactured
  • Uniform surfacing
  • not stained or painted (even if you want to)


Composite decking can be cut and drilled similarly to wood. No extra equipment is required. Additionally, it can be fastened to the keel with screws, similar to conventional wood decking. Consequently, composite decking can be installed by oneself. Numerous composite decking variations incorporate concealed fasteners. This style of fastener makes it possible to conceal the fasteners beneath the deck. Leaving the surface of the floor devoid of screw heads. It prevents screws and other attachments from diminishing the visual value of the deck.

Allow space for the composite deck to expand as well. Before installation, read the manufacturer's installation instructions carefully.

The price of composite decking

The cost of composite wood decking exceeds that of wood decking. Since composite decking requires substantially less upkeep than wood decking, it is the superior material. And has a longer lifespan. Therefore, composite decking is the superior option in the long run.

To precisely compare the expenses of wood decking. Consider the cost of periodic upkeep for wood decks. In general, wood decking must be restained or sealed every two to three years. Materials, labor, and time are pricey if you do it yourself.


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