Why Real Estate Agents Need Negotiation Skills

September 8, 2022


As a sales professional, you understand the necessity of negotiating sales contracts and relationships. Real estate professionals may not need these negotiation skills early in their careers, as not every property sale needs negotiation. However, there is a point where real estate agents need to hone their skills in negotiation.

For instance, as you advance in your career, you may find yourself representing commercial real estate and higher-end clients and properties. Sale contracts in high-end real estate define business and professional relationships, and it takes a lot of time to go through the process of negotiating these contracts and the business relationships that go with them.

Refining your negotiation skills will allow you to negotiate better and more favorable contracts, relationships, and real estate deals. Running a smooth negotiation will allow you better chances for these professional relationships and similar deals in the future. Also, by having a smooth negotiation, you can work to ensure every party feels satisfied with the outcome and has their needs met, preventing conflict or hard feelings. Business negotiations are very much improved with successful negotiation. Negotiation is a skill that requires practice and understanding, and there are a few skills you can focus on to better your negotiation skills.

1. Understand the main objectives

According to Birdwood real estate, a real estate agency with almost 20 years of experience, suggested that before you enter negotiations, you want to ensure you know what your needs are for the contract to solidify your position in the negotiation. This way, you know how you want to be represented in the deal and what aspects need to be favorable to you. It’s also helpful to understand what the main objectives are of the other party in negotiations or what their likely objectives are. By understanding this, you can better work towards a goal that helps everyone.

2. Communication and questions

While you may want to understand the goals of the other party before you enter negotiation, don’t let those preconceptions get in the way of hearing what the other party is saying. Ask questions to be sure you understand their goals and objectives, then see where they stand with whatever the current contract is. The more both parties understand each other’s needs in negotiation, the easier it will be to work towards a mutually beneficial solution. Always be sure to speak clearly with each other and talk through thought processes that lead to certain decisions.

3. Listening and understanding

Make sure not to control or dominate the proceedings of a negotiation. Again, you want the other party to explain their needs so that you can align the needs of both parties. By failing to actively listen to the other party, you may misunderstand something or proceed with incorrect assumptions, and this could make negotiations fall through. You want to make clear to the other party that you are listening to them and hearing them. Make sure you don’t enter negotiations with an antagonistic mindset. Be open to hearing from other parties.

Applying These Skills to Real Estate

Even easier real estate transactions can be helped by better negotiation skills. Contract negotiation can happen between buyers and spenders, even on residential contracts, though it’s less common than commercial contracts. Developing a successful and fruitful contract is incredibly important in many real estate markets. Agents could want to negotiate prices with you, especially after potential inspections. By learning how to negotiate through common ground and listening to the needs of the other party, you can better understand where interests align.

Contract development negotiation needs a strong understanding of your stance, your communicativeness with the other party, and the flexibility and creativity of both parties to work towards a solution. By improving your negotiation skills, you can better improve the outcomes of real estate negotiations and your professional relationships. Better negotiation can allow you to reach better deals more effectively.



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