Why roller garage doors are great for future proofing your home

September 23, 2022

A roller garage door is a great option for those looking to future proof their home. Roller garage doors offer a variety of benefits over conventional up and over garage doors. They are a great choice for those planning for retirement. Roller doors can also be well-suited to those who want to make their home more accessible. If you are looking to replace your existing garage door then here are just some of the benefits of roller garage doors:

Ease of Access

Roller garage doors can be operated manually or automatically. Most modern roller garage doors are automated. This means they can be opened with the click of a button, making roller garage doors great for those who want to make their home more accessible. Being able to open the garage with a click of a button is a game changer for people with physical impairments.

Automated garage doors can be just as beneficial for people without mobility issues too. For example the garage door is easy to open when you are coming or going with your hands full. Plus, as many of the population are looking ahead to retirement, a roller garage door can future proof your home.

Improved Security

Many homeowners are interested in improving the security of their property. Roller garage doors are very secure. They can be fitted with a variety of security features such as keyless entry and additional deadlocks. Not only this, but manufacturers tend to use high quality materials to produce their doors. Always check with your supplier to make sure that your door is made from double-skinned aluminium, as this makes them incredibly hardwearing and difficult to break into.

Add More Usable Space Inside

Historically, garages tend to house cars, bikes and garden tools. However, in modern times they can be filled with all manner of high value items, as well as the overspill from inside the home. With property prices increasing consistently over time, many homeowners are looking to create additional space without moving home. Enter the garage conversion. For people who are looking to turn their garage into an additional room, a roller garage door can allow you to keep the function of your garage, but make the space more homely. Most roller garage doors are insulated, so they can keep garages as warm as any room inside the house. This is fantastic for those who want to use their garage as a workspace, cinema room or playroom for children.

Another key feature of a roller garage door is that it takes up less space than an up and over door. When the garage door is open, the full front retracts into a small box above the door entrance. This frees up a great deal of space inside the garage, as there are no rails that are required for a conventional up and over door. Increased usable space means you can store more stuff, or have more room for activities.

Free Up More Space On Your Driveway

Unlike an up and over door which will swing out when you open it, you don't need to worry about hitting things on the drive when the garage door opens. Roller doors open vertically, so you can park a car right up to the door without fear that it will clip anything in close proximity. This is absolutely perfect if you have a smaller driveway, or more than one car that you want to keep off the street at night.

Cost Effective

For people considering replacing their garage door, a roller option can be a cost-effective option. Not only are they competitively priced, but they can also add value to the property too. With this in mind, the cost of purchase and installation can actually pay for itself if/ when you come to sell your home.

Available in a Range of Sizes

Roller garage doors can be fitted to your specifications. Solutions are available for single or double garage door openings. There are also options for properties with multiple or odd-shaped door openings. That is not to say that roller doors can be made to measure, but the installation process allows for some wiggle room when it comes to finding the perfect door for the job. This is one area where roller doors have a significant advantage over the standard up and over garage doors, as they are often only available in set sizes.

Choose a Colour That Suits Your Property

As with any garage door, roller doors are available in a variety of colours. Paint finishes are hardwearing and long-lasting too. So a roller garage door will retain its colour for years to come. It can also add some curb appeal too, which is an added bonus if you want your property to look its best.


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