3 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected this Fall

October 17, 2022


It’s a natural tendency to assume that if something isn’t falling apart, it doesn’t need immediate attention. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But putting off routine maintenance can lead to disastrous results and expensive repairs or replacements.

This is true for many different parts and areas of a house, but especially with the roof. From winter storms, spring thaws, summer heat and fall leaves, a roof is exposed to extreme weather and conditions all year round, often bearing the brunt of any damage caused.

It’s also easy to have issues with your roof go unnoticed; even if you can see your roof from the ground and take the time to do visual inspections regularly, parts of it may be obstructed from view, or damage can be hidden. By having regular inspections and maintenance, you can stay on top of issues and keep your roof in good condition. Here are three vital reasons why roof inspections are so necessary.

Routine Maintenance

It’s something roofing companies like Professional Roofers see all the time: situations where, had an inspection been done, small issues would have been found and addressed before becoming a catastrophe for the homeowner.

A little time and effort now can pay off in spades down the road. Inspections allow shingles to be replaced or tightened, debris to be removed, and any sagging or pooling to be noticed before they cause damage.

Increases Lifespan

Getting a new roof is no minor expense, which is why it’s so essential that effort is put in to keep it in good condition. Even without significant damage, roofs age over time, and without maintenance, that wear and tear can eventually take a considerable toll.

Inspections cost money, and so do repairing any issues that surface during them. But if spending a little on inspections and occasional repairs now help your roof last 25-30 years or more, many would say it’s worth it. It’s much better than the alternative – avoiding those maintenance costs but having to replace your roof 10 or 15 years earlier.

Identify Leaks

A severe storm with heavy rains can damage your home and cause leaks, which will then lead to a roof inspection. But there are also leaks that happen slowly over time, sometimes due to mold, rotted wood or some other damage that isn’t as noticeable from the outside. These issues can quietly develop for some time before making themselves obvious. Roof inspections help to identify and solve these problems before they cause major deterioration and damage.

Another great benefit of roof inspections is the peace of mind they bring. Keeping on top of maintenance can allow you to relax, knowing you’ve done what you can to keep your family and home safe and secure. Put your mind at ease and make roof inspections an annual part of your home maintenance to stay on top of issues and keep your house in peak condition.


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