5 Industry Cleaning Machines That Are Hard To Pass Up

October 26, 2022

Modern floor cleaning machines are more sophisticated and powerful than ever - constantly helping the housekeeping department of all business sectors keep the premises clean.

These powerful cleaning machines help housekeeping achieve better results and improve task efficiency without compromising the safety of the facility users or machine operators.

However, do not expect to get a one-size-fits-all solution for your cleaning needs. There are different cleaning machines based on functionality, size, and power. The size of the facility, the kind of surface the device will be working on, and the floor plan will help you decide on the cleaning machine you need.

However, there is five commercial cleaning equipment that you cannot do without. Here are five industrial cleaning tools that all businesses require to maintain safety and hygiene standards.

5 Commercial Cleaning Machines That You Cannot Do Without:

Floor Sweepers:

Dirt and debris cover all floor surfaces, whether it is located indoors or outdoors. Floor sweepers help the housekeeping personnel collect and remove this dirt, dust, and debris quickly and efficiently.

Floors sweepers can be divided into two categories: walk behind and ride on. The name itself suggests the difference between these two. Apart from these two, there are also street sweepers and electric sweepers.

While the operator of a walk-behind sweeper pushes and guides the machine to clean the floor, the operator of a ride-on flood sweeper sits and controls the direction and movement of the machine.

If your facility has a compact floor plan with many twists and turns, it is best to choose a small floor sweeper that is efficient and durable. These small sweepers have a dust control feature that keeps the surrounding area clean while sweeping the floors. ASC Eureka M3 and ASC Eureka M2 are perfect examples of commercial small floor sweepers.

Floor Scrubbers:

While sweeping is necessary to remove dirt and dust from the floor surface, you will need something stronger than small floor sweepers to remove older stains.

This is where floor scrubbers come in. This piece of commercial floor cleaning equipment is used to remove stains, soils, and dirt built up on the surface over time. Scrubbers are mostly used in indoor facilities with hard floors.

Scrubbers are also excellent for eliminating grout lines between bathroom tiles. Walk-behind floor scrubbers are compact and powerful for cleaning bathrooms or small office spaces with tiled floor surfaces. However, you can also opt for large ride-on scrubbers to clean industrial facilities with large floor plans like storage and warehouses.

Commercial Vacuums

Vacuums are as important in commercial spaces as they are in residential facilities. The only difference between residential and industrial vacuums is the power and size of the machine.

However, the functionality of the machine remains the same. While commercial vacuums are also used for cleaning carpets, these machines deliver significantly higher performance. They are much more durable than their residential counterparts.

Whether you need a lightweight backpack vacuum to clean small spaces like stairways or a large vacuum to clean wide hallways and large lobbies, plenty of options are available. These commercial vacuums come in both corded and battery-operated options.

We-dry vacuums are also available in the market to clean water and oil spills along with small debris and dust. On the other hand, canister vacuums work efficiently on both hard and soft floor surfaces.


This commercial cleaning equipment cleans hardwood floors with a high-shine finish. While scrubbers and sweepers can leave behind scratches on these hardwood floors, burnishers efficiently clean the surface without tarnishing the lustrous finish of the floor.

Burnishers come in various sizes and power configurations. There are walk-behind and ride-on burnishers, which run on battery and electricity. Choose the best option that suits your needs and maintains a clean business facility.

Carpet Extractors

As the name suggests, this commercial cleaning equipment has been designed exclusively to clean carpeted surfaces. Carpet extractors not only clean the surface but also dry the carpet with their soft-floor cleaning features. These machines are also adept in quickly cleaning and drying spills, stains, and moisture from high-traffic areas.

In Conclusion:

These are the five essential industrial cleaning equipment that all businesses, regardless of their size, must invest in. A clean business facility not only creates a great first impression on clients but also significantly reduces the risk of workplace accidents, injuries, and health ailments.


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