5 Signs You Need Annual Chimney Services

October 20, 2022

Those who have a fireplace and a chimney at their homes can never deny the struggle that one has to face while getting them clean. But amid all challenges, it is very important to get the chimney and fireplace inspected annually to ensure that everything is working safely and efficiently.

Winters are already just around the corner and a lot of you must have already contacted any certified chimney professional sweepers. And that's a good yet safer step towards the maintenance of your home.

The inspection via professionals includes multiple activities like checking of all chimney and fireplace components, inspection of gasses in home, cleaning of chimney cap and top sealing damper, flue and linings, maintenance of chimney crown, and much more.

This way, chimney cleaning services can ultimately help you to maintain the longevity of your chimney and it will go a super long way without being built right from the scratch.

5 Signs Showing You Need Annual Chimney Services

Chimney cleaning service is necessary once in a year but if you haven’t got it checked for the past few years then now is the time to get it inspected rightly. Also, winters are right here so you must not compromise on your safety and should get in contact with any top-notch chimney service right away.

Now a lot of you might be thinking that what is the right time to get chimney servicing done or what are the few signs to look for chimney cleaning. Don’t worry, here are the 5 initial signs showing that you need annual chimney services now!

Let’s find them out without doing any further ado.

It’s Been a Year with Damaged Masonry

Generally, people start looking for ideal chimney services right before winters. This is because everyone is concerned about safety and warmth during these days of the year.

As per the experts of Chimney Safety Institute of America, it is highly recommended to get chimney inspection done each year. If you haven’t got your chimney inspected in the last few years, then it is high time to get it instantly before any damage.

Apart from an annual chimney sweep service, if your masonry has been damaged for a long time, then you should get it repaired as well. Usually, masonry chimneys can last up to decades if cared for and maintained well, but if there has been water damage, or the condition of masonry is truly poor, then get it repaired as quickly as possible.

Too Much Debris & Dirt

Have you been noticing any damages on your chimney crown, cap, and damper? This is the sign that excess creosote is deposited inside your chimney, which is a huge fire hazard lately known as the biggest cause of chimney fire.

Always remember, a lot of debris, tile pieces, brick and mortar pieces on firebox places are not good signs and could be the result of chimney damage. Chimney fires burn so slow and this is why annual chimney cleaning is highly encouraged.

If you have noticed any of these signs, then this is the right time to get your chimney repair and clean from any licensed chimney inspector.

Those who are not very keen about the cleanliness and maintenance of the chimney must understand that an unmaintained chimney could be hazardous to their own safety. Nobody would like to put his family’s safety at a huge risk of chimney burn or fall.

Noticeable Changes on Walls & Ceiling

You are enjoying your ramen in chilly weather and suddenly you notice a huge spot on the ceiling or on the wall near the window. This means something is not right with the exit of smoke and there is some leakage from the chimney crown and creosote.

This is why it is extremely important to stay aware of the signs of excessive heat in your home. At this point, you may panic and start searching for chimney repair services near me, and that's quite the right approach.

If you have also noticed such quick changes in your home, do contact a chimney sweep service as soon as possible to reduce the risk of accidental chimney or home fire. The experts will closely examine the whole condition of your chimney and fix all cracks.

Poor Functioning & Heat Up

Lack of performance is another big sign to get chimney sweep service done as quickly as possible. You may feel poor functioning quality of your chimney and fireplace while using them. The smoke may stay in your home for quite a long time and the house may take double time to warm up.

Do not accept any sort of inefficiency in such cases. If left unaddressed, such issues may become dangerous.

So, if your chimney is not performing up to the mark, then you need to get its inspection done right away.

Selling/Buying a Home

If you are moving into a new home and selling the previous one, ensure to get the full service of the chimney. No matter what the scenario is, if you are moving into a new home and selling the previous one, make sure to get the chimneys inspected for both the houses.

It will help you stay out of any legal issues and you would be able to check all the boxes related to your safety.

Count on Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps

Haven’t got your chimney checked for the past few years, and now looking for any chimney service experts? You can easily count on Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps and get the inspection of your chimney done just at one click. The service is available in Westminster, Hagerstown, County, MD, and nearby areas.

Wrapping Up!

This essential guide encompasses the top 5 signs that you need annual chimney services for your home fireplace. Have you noticed any signs yet? Get it fixed before winter arrives!


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