6 Festive Fall Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

October 31, 2022


Fall is just around the corner! It’s time to transform your landscape into the autumn wonderland you’ve always dreamed of having. Winter is often too cold to spend more than a few minutes outside in the yard, and the blazing summer heat isn’t much more bearable. Fall, on the other hand, is the perfect in-between–a combination of golden mid-day warmth and cool evening breezes. Make the most of this ideal weather by redesigning your landscape to epitomize the season.

Embrace Fall Colors

Transform the dull, dry colors of summer into the fiery reds, oranges, and yellows of fall! If you have any maple, oak, or aspen trees in your landscape, you’re off to a great start; Mother Nature will assist you by turning your leaves into all kinds of bright colors. If not, there is no need to fear! Substitute fall leaves with vibrant red, orange, and yellow flowers and shrubs. Be sure to consider your environment and research which flowers will thrive in your particular climate. A few popular fall flowers include sunflowers, pansies, chrysanthemums, poppies, and goldenrods. When it comes to shrubs, oakleaf hydrangea, Goldflame spirea, and arrowwood viburnum are the way to go.

Prepare for Winter

For some people, fall just isn’t your thing. Whether you’re worried about the cold weather killing off your favorite plants or frustrated that you’ll have to rake every day for the next few months, sometimes the season is just plain inconvenient. So if you’re not keen on embracing the spooky season spirit, spend your fall preparing your landscape for winter! Cover items such as grills, firepits, and outdoor tables to protect them from the impending rain, snow, and ice. Invest in garden protection or make a plan to replace your summer flowers with perennials that will survive winter’s harsh temperatures.

Start a Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says fall more than a good old-fashioned pumpkin patch. So if you’re looking for a way to style your landscape for autumn (and save money on pumpkins for the kids), adding a pumpkin patch to your lawn or garden may be just what you need. Start by picking the best spot for your pumpkin patch, clearing the area, and purchasing the necessary supplies. Then, as soon as everything is in place for your pumpkins to grow, take it to the next level! Add ornamental vines and Halloween-themed signs and decorations to contribute to the aesthetic.

Personify Halloween

If you’re anything like me, Halloween is one of your favorite holidays–if not your absolute favorite. It comes with candy, decorations, costumes, parties, and the prettiest season of the year! This fall, express your love for Halloween through your landscaping choices. Nothing says Halloween quite like pumpkins, spiders, and witches. So take a trip to the grocery store (or a local Halloween store), gather everything Halloween-related you can find, and then transform your landscape to embody the holiday completely. If you’re unsure about where to place certain decorations or what look you want to go for, use Pinterest for inspiration.

Scare Your Neighbors

The best thing about Halloween is that it can be whatever you make it–fun and friendly and exciting, or absolutely horrifying. Of course, horror isn’t for everyone, but if you’re the type to watch murder documentaries and psychological thrillers at three AM for fun, a horror-themed Halloween landscape may be just what you need to put your landscape over the top. Start by choosing a theme–anything from ghosts in the graveyard to zombies and skeletons to demonic dolls to wicked witches. Next, make the most of your preexisting landscape. Hang ghosts and spiders from tree branches, stuff dolls and fake limbs in bushes, and decorate the open space with headstones, cobwebs, and anything else you can think of that will add to the overall feeling of horror. Finally, if you have the time and resources, transform your entire landscape into a haunted night walk for tricker-treaters!

Make it Kid-Friendly

If you have little ones, a horror-themed landscape may not be the best option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t revamp your landscape this fall! Instead of adding frightening decorations, add comical alternatives that will appeal to children. Consider purchasing blow-up pumpkins and ghosts, friendly-looking scarecrows, and cute orange and purple lights to liven up your landscape. If the kids in your neighborhood can be a little wild, take a few extra precautions to protect your garden and greenery from Halloween foot traffic. Purchase covering for your garden or line it with a small picket fence to keep kids from trampling your flowers. You may benefit from adding a lantern-lit pathway from the sidewalk to your front door.


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