6 Major Benefits Of IIoT Waste Management For Smart Cities

October 23, 2022


By Phillip Dodd, Technology Lead IIoT Engineering Infrastructure & Security, Fiberroad Technology

The benefits of IIoT waste management for smart cities are many and varied. These include cost savings, sustainability, and time savings. But perhaps the most important is the reduction of pissed pickups. This is because smart bins contain sensors that alert waste managers when a bin is full. That way, extra pickups can be scheduled and pissed pickups avoided. Read on to learn about 6 Major Benefits of IIoT Waste Management For Smart Cities


The IIoT waste management system can save time and resources for municipal trash collection. By using data from smart bins, facility managers can focus their pickup efforts on regions that need cleanup first. The system also helps ensure that trash containers are not overfilled. Smart bins can be installed in a building between floors and contain sensors that can pass data to a waste collection team.

Waste management is an environmental issue of major concern for smart cities. This includes monitoring waste generation, collection and transportation, and its final accommodation (landfill, incineration, recycling). Cities around the world have been grappling with the challenge of removing waste, which is a health and environmental issue. Thankfully, smart city initiatives are spurring innovation and development in the waste management industry.


Waste management can benefit from the use of Industrial Network and IIoT to help track waste, as well as the speed at which it is produced. For example, a smart system can alert waste management workers when a trash bin is full. This can help cut down on the number of trips a garbage truck needs to make, and help reduce operational costs. A smart system can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints, contributing to a more sustainable city.

Waste management solutions based on IIoT are already helping cities reduce emissions. They can reduce fuel consumption on collection vehicles and increase recycling efforts. They can also help reduce the environmental impact of urban centers, which is often a major concern for governments and businesses. These technologies can also help municipalities reduce their cost of waste management, which can be as much as 50 percent of a city's budget.


The implementation of IIoT waste management solutions has a number of benefits for smart cities. For instance, waste management professionals can eliminate trips to the trashcan to check on the trash. This reduces waste management costs for the company and the neighborhood. The systems also help employees organize their schedules and eliminate wasted time.

The current system of waste collection is inefficient. Garbage trucks often make unnecessary trips, which increases the costs of waste collection. Routing garbage trucks inefficiently also contributes to congestion which creates a larger carbon footprint. Using IIoT solutions for waste management makes garbage trucks more efficient and cuts down on fuel costs. By monitoring and recording garbage truck movements, IIoT-enabled trash trucks can be routed in a more efficient way.

Improving Efficiency

Improving efficiency in waste management for smart cities is a key component to creating a greener city. Implementing IIoT waste management initiatives can improve waste collection, reduce carbon emissions, and increase recycling efforts. In the process, smart cities can make their urban centers more appealing to potential workers and residents.

A key part of smart waste management is IIoT waste sensors and other IIoT devices. These devices can monitor various variables like trash can motion, light, vibration, fullness, and temperature. The data collected from these devices can also be used for fleet management by flagging scheduled vehicle maintenance and enabling smart fleet management.


Transparency is a core concept in smart cities, and this is especially true when it comes to waste management. Many smart city initiatives around waste management benefit different stakeholders. For example, they reduce costs, improve efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, they enable the efficient allocation of funds to meet specific needs.

Transparency can also help build trust among citizens. A lack of trust in public services can impede the adoption of IIoT technologies. Public sector bodies should be deliberate about IIoT deployment and data management. Transparency also extends to the devices and governance processes within IIoT systems. The public should have a clear understanding of their purpose and use.


Meet The Increasing Demand For Sustainable Solutions

Waste management and recycling are key issues for smart cities, and IIoT devices can help cities implement more sustainable solutions. The implementation of these technologies can eliminate waste, increase transparency, and cut costs. In addition to helping save the environment, these solutions can also help municipalities improve their productivity.

With the increasing population, urbanization, and scarcity of resources, many green initiatives and sustainable solutions have been implemented. As technology and innovation continue to develop and advance, smart cities will be even more efficient. With IIoT waste management for smart cities, it will be easier than ever to improve waste management and recycling.

Final Thoughts

Smart waste management can also improve fleet management. Using IIoT, smart trash cans can be equipped with sensors that monitor motion, light, vibration, temperature, and fullness. In addition, dash cameras installed in waste vehicles can monitor the location and other conditions to improve driver safety. They also enhance fleet management by highlighting maintenance needs.

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