6 Winter Must-Haves for Your New Luxury Home

October 28, 2022


It is time to get your jackets and boots out because fall is over, and winter is coming; if you got that reference, Jon Snow would be proud. When the temperatures go down, your home is mostly your only refuge against the harsh cold knocking outside the windows. The comfort you can get from being nestled on your sofa and wrapping yourself in your winter blankets while sipping hot cocoa is unparalleled. Although, there are still many more ways by which you can make your home even more comfortable and luxurious for the upcoming winter season.

If you are in the process of designing or redecorating your new home, here are some winter projects you can get behind to greet the cold weather while staying warm yourself, of course.

1. Wood-burning fireplaces

You cannot go wrong with a fireplace – nothing is as comforting as sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter night and seeping in the warmth with your loved ones right beside you. With their relaxing, warming features and camp-like feel, fireplaces are most certainly a fixture you need at your luxury home to make winters more bearable and enjoyable.

Aside from their functionality, fireplaces provide one of the best aesthetics for your house and give the room more character. Installing a fireplace in your living room or drawing room will only add to your home's luxury; as a bonus, you won't even have to worry about getting the house warm for all your winter parties!

US states like Minnesota can get viciously cold in the winter season, and a fireplace can be your perfect solution to spending a cozy winter this year. For homeowners in Billings, Minnesota, R&T Services can be your best friend for fireplace-related concerns. Check out fireplace store billings MT to know more about their careful fireplace installation and regular maintenance or repair services.

2. Heated floors

Most people would agree that one of the worst parts of getting up during the winter season is tip-toeing across the cold floor of your room and rushing toward an even chillier bathroom floor. Escaping frozen flooring in winter is an art not everyone can master- even with fuzzy socks and slippers. After all, you can't get in and out of the shower with your warmest socks. The less obvious but much-needed solution? Getting heated floors for your house.

Installing heated coils under your floor will guarantee warmth for your frozen toes this winter. Although heated flooring works with most flooring types, they best match with stones or tiles- which works in your favor because they are usually the coldest ones in winter.

3. Mudroom

If you don't know what a mudroom is, the name can have you conjure images of a mud bath in your head. But don't worry, for it is nothing of that sort. Usually located near your main door, a mudroom is where you can take off your outerwear before walking into the house and store, dry, or clean them. After all, you don't need the dirt and snow from outside messing up your beautiful floors.

Mudrooms are the most convenient for winter because it is the time for getting those heavy, bulky jackets and long boots out. The closet in your mudroom can be the perfect place to store all these necessary items of clothing, wear them on your way out, and then put them away the moment you enter the house.

You can make your mudroom as spacious, organized, and luxurious as you want to adhere to the aesthetics of your house. Unlike the name suggests, a mudroom does not have to be dirty or messy- it is just a place where you can shed the muddy outdoors to greet the cozy indoors.

4. Screened patio

Patio enclosures are a perfect way of using your patio during the winter by turning it into a hybrid between indoor and outdoor space. It is not always convenient to have an open patio- you have to wait for the perfect weather all year round to enjoy your time outdoors, and most of your patio furniture can face wear and tear against the natural elements.

Enclosing your patio for winter will allow you to spend time there without worrying about the snow, rain, or cold winds getting inside. You can use glass windows or windows to enclose your patio to make it feel like you are outside, even though you are technically indoors.

To make the patio cozier this winter, customize it by adding an outdoor fireplace or heater for it to be warmer.

5. Indoor court for playing sports

If you are a big fan of playing sports, you may already know that the winter season can put a damper on enjoying your favorite sports hobbies. But when you can't play your favorite sports outside, you could try and bring the game inside.

Most people hold on to their outdoor leisure activities when the cold season hits, but there is always a way or two to do what you enjoy. Building an indoor court to play the sports of your choice can keep you entertained throughout winter. Although, you may have to ensure whether you have enough space available to accommodate a spacious sports area in your new house before you can give the idea a go-signal.

If you find the space to fit an entire court into your house lacking, you could also use it for a gym room. Add heaters and a heating floor to keep the room warm so you can sweat to your heart's content.

6. Motorized shades

Getting motorized shades for your new home may be one of your best home improvement decisions. Motorized shades, a product of advancing technology, allow you to control your window covers throughout the day from anywhere in the house. You can connect the shades to your WiFi and open, close, or adjust them from your electronic devices anytime.

The shades will make it easy for you to adjust them according to the time of the day or the temperature in the room. For instance, you can easily open the blinds in the morning to let the warm sunlight in and close them anytime the outside temperature drops.


A house does not become a home unless you make it the most comfortable to meet your needs, and making cozy arrangements for the winter season is only one of the steps. Your home is your sanctuary- it is the place you run to when you wish to relax after an exhausting day at work and the place you cherish when you make new memories in it. Therefore, while you may want to make your new house the luxury house of your dreams, it is most important to make it ‘you.’ Better than a beautiful house is one that makes you feel at home.


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