7 Prettiest Plants to Prickle Your Home Fancy

October 17, 2022


It’s little surprise that succulents are being snapped up from garden store shelves these days by people of different generations. Whether with the baby boomers, the Gen X-ers, or the millennials, these fleshy plants have found their niche in the gardening market.

In truth, succulents have been steadily growing in popularity since 2007. According to a magazine survey made in 2017, 15% of plant sales in the Midwest were from succulents alone. That percentage had grown dramatically, especially during the pandemic, which made it necessary for many people to stay home and do remote work. Many took up plant parenting as a diversion.

But what is so special about succulents? There are several reasons.

Some are drought-tolerant.

The claim that these plants are highly drought-resistant and can live without water for months at a time is an exaggeration. Sure, some succulents only need to be watered once or twice a month, but how often they need to be watered depends on where they are planted, whether they are root-bound plants and the general climate. For example, these plants would need to be watered more often in an area that is pretty sunny and windy.

They are easy to grow.

These low-maintenance, fleshy plants can store water in their stems, leaves, and roots longer than most. It’s practical to cultivate them in dry and warm surroundings found inside homes. Beginner plant parents find it easy to care for succulents.

They are appealing due to their shape, size, and color.

Succulents can be spiky, chubby, or have rosette shapes. They can have baby plants on the edges of their leaves or can be trailing like the hanging ones. Some also have flowers. Most of them may be green in color, but some have vibrant colors in red and blue, with accents in yellow, white, and black.

They are easy to propagate.

Price-savvy plant parents love the ease by which they can propagate succulents. Through cuttings and division, you can form new plants quickly. With patience, practice, and research, you can multiply your succulents in no time.

They have many creative and decorative uses.

Succulents have so many decorative uses. They can be used as wedding centerpieces, decorative planters, wreaths, terrariums, dish gardens, and hanging plant baskets, to name a few. Their unique appearance makes them an ideal choice for exceptional arrangements and designs for the home, office, and other venues.

Still unsure whether you should grow succulents or not? Below we list seven of the pretty easy-care succulents you can grow.

1. Giant Velvet Rose

The Aeonium canariense also refers to Canary Island Aeonium because it is endemic to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It has large green leaf rosettes, but when grown in direct sunlight, the leaves will turn red at the tips.

2. Aloe

The Aloe is one of the most well-known succulents, which grows in rosette shapes with leaves that have sharp spines and are arranged in layers. The color sometimes varies from gray to green with white spots, and its tip is pointed. The spines are the source of a colorless gel used in cosmetics and other health products.

3. Echeveria

Growing in very symmetrical rosettes, the Echeveria has an array of colors—from bluish-gray to gray-green. It can also have darker hues, such as dark purple to red, black, silver, and coral. This succulent can appear like coral underwater, a head of lettuce, or a rose with a waxy and smooth texture.

4. Haworthia fasciata

Usually mistaken for the Aloe due to its similarity in appearance, the Haworthia fasciata is also commonly called zebra cactus or pearl plant. It has pearly white warts or spots (hence the zebra name), giving it its unique appearance. In addition, the leaves are slightly curved inward.

5. Sempervivum

This succulent makes rosettes in different hues. It can have star-shaped flowers in pink, red, and even yellow. The leaves are spiky and have green, red, or purple trims. The form, size, and color of this succulent are pretty diverse, and it is easily one of the most popular varieties of succulents.

6. Peanut Cactus

This succulent is a popular pick for hanging baskets. It has finger-like stems that form in clusters and a trailing habit. What is stunning about this plant is the two-inch blooms produced in vibrant orange-red hues.

7. String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus is a beautiful, cascading succulent more popularly known as String of Pearls. Easily recognized for their tiny, spherical leaves, these plants grow on trailing stems and spills on the sides of planters and hanging baskets.

Eager to start your foray into growing eye-catching and low-maintenance plants to beautify your homes? Look no further than the succulents above. They are well worth your time, effort, and care. Visit neverland for the best advice on maintenance and availability for orders. To paraphrase Argentine poet Jose Luis Borges: Don’t wait for someone to bring you succulents; plant your own, and decorate your soul.


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