7 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Great Insulation

October 25, 2022


There are countless benefits to having excellent quality and thickness insulation in your home. Here are seven of the best.

Good insulation is not hard to find. It is cheap, comes ready rolled into sheets, and only takes a few days of madness to install loft insulation. You might choose something more upmarket to suit your budget and needs. Whatever you do, though, you cannot deny that there are multiple great reasons to check, maintain, and replace your insulation. Rotten and moldy insulation panels are bad for your health, so remove them and replace them with fresh fill. This article will explain all the reasons that make this such a clever idea.

The 7 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Great Insulation

There are so many benefits we found it hard to choose. Let’s start with the obvious… Great insulation saves you money.

1 – Insulation saves you money

When you install insulation in your home, you save yourself money for the following years. The whole point of installing fresh insulation is to reduce the heat transferring out through the walls of your house. Although we cannot fully stop this naturally occurring process, we can slow it a little. The better the thickness and quality of the insulation you place in your home, the more the reduction in your energy bills.

2 – Some old homes still contain asbestos

Removing your old insulation is a clever idea if it is damp, rotten, or moldy, but be careful. Some old homes used to asbestos-contain materials to fill their walls. The USA has not totally banned the use of these materials yet. If you see wispy fibers in your attic or walls, stop what you are doing and call a professional to remove them.


3 – Old insulation rots

This brings us to our next point: that old insulation rots. As with any building material, if moisture does get into the insulation in your house, it can create mold spores. This breed all over damp, warm areas. They are detrimental to both your home and your health. They emit toxins that are bad for your health. Replacing this old material becomes essential if anyone in your house has a respiratory illness such as asthma.

4 – Saves cooling in summer

As well as making your home warmer in winter, insulation helps your family keep cool in summer. That reduction in the transfer of heat works both ways. The insulation will work all year round to bring you to lower energy bills. An air conditioning unit that doesn’t have to work as hard as an air conditioning unit that will last you for far longer.

5 – Insulating your home is better for the environment

If you are the kind of person who considers themselves an eco-warrior, then you must install insulation ASAP. By reducing the heat or cooling that leaves your home, you are using less energy. You are releasing less of what you do use into the environment to cause damage. Great insulation saves the planet while saving your bills. Isn’t it time we all went green?

6 – Noise Dampening

Another great reason to insulate your home lies in the effect it has on noise levels. Say you have young children who still cry often; insulation stops that noise from annoying your neighbours quite as much as it otherwise would. Before you go to the expense of investing in soundproofing building materials, see if adding insulation doesn’t do the trick.

7 – Condensation Reduction

The reason your insulation eventually absorbs moisture is because of the condensation. Your home and the outside temperature difference leave you with condensation on the insulation. Installing a vapor barrier prevents this moisture from rotting your insulation, and your insulation prevents this moisture from rotting your walls.


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