7 Things To Consider When Buying A Boho Room Divider

October 28, 2022

Using a room divider is excellent for defining each space in an open area. It's a perfect choice for homes with an open plan and studio apartments instead of building a wall. Plus, it can also serve as a decorative element that improves the aesthetic of the interior.

One of the best styles for a room divider is boho. It's characterized by natural elements and eclectic designs that express creativity by combining artistry from different cultures. However, picking the right one for your home can be intimidating due to the wide range of options you can find online.

Here are seven things to consider when buying a boho room divider.

1. Current Interior Theme

Considering your current interior theme before purchasing a boho room divider helps maintain the cohesiveness of the overall design. Since you're adding a functional and decorative element, you must consider how it would blend in with the colors and textures of the room.

A versatile design is necessary to ensure your new room divider perfectly suits the interiors. The most practical choices are boho dividers in white, black, beige, or natural wood. These can fit in various home styles, such as modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, art deco, and eclectic themes.

2. Artsy And Classy Design

Boho dividers are all artsy. However, those that have unique details can bring out the best in your interior design. Therefore, it's best to look at many options to compare and contrast before deciding which one has all the features you want.

When choosing a boho divider for a modern space, finding the balance between artsy and classy is best. For instance, you may pick one with neutral colors and minimal design to avoid adding visual clutter to a sleek interior design. On the other hand, you may also select something colorful if you want it to be an eye-catching room feature.

3. Expected Function

Panel dividers often have two main functions: to serve as a decorative element and to add privacy. Determining the purpose of the boho room divider helps you choose the most suitable one.

When a room divider acts as a decoration, you can pick one that's more see-through. You may also go for something that looks like an abstract painting. Since its primary purpose is to add life to the space, you can get as creative as you want.

In contrast, choose something opaque if you plan to add a room divider for privacy. Some boho room divider designs let the light through while providing enough privacy for changing clothes or hiding clutter. These types are best for creating a boundary between a studio apartment's main living area and the sleeping nook.

4. Price And Quality

Budget is always something to consider when buying new furniture. Room dividers have varying prices depending on the designs and quality. For instance, those made with natural hardwood and intricate handmade details can be more expensive than those made with plyboard, softwood, and textile.

When purchasing your boho room divider, remember to find excellent quality for your budget. You may visit your local furniture stores or find online shops to compare prices, designs, and materials.

Another budget-friendly option is DIY. Making a boho divider yourself is an opportunity to express your free, creative spirit. You can easily find free plans and inspiration online that suit your crafting and woodworking skills.

5. Natural Materials

The boho spirit lies in the use of natural materials. A boho divider made with wood and organic fibers can make any space feel warm and inviting. Plus, it can easily blend in with indoor plants and other decor.

One popular choice is a boho room divider with hardwood panel frames and woven rattan fibers. It adds texture to a dull-looking space while maintaining harmony in the room with its warm, neutral colors.

6. Size And Number Of Panels

Other crucial considerations when buying a boho room divider are the size and number of panels. Getting something too small may defeat its purpose of adding privacy. However, purchasing a too-large partition can make a space feel small and cramped.

Commonly, room dividers have three panels. The standard size for each panel is 60 by 16 inches, but you can always find something taller or wider. Choosing a taller divider is ideal for homes with high ceilings to create balance.

7. Durability

One must always prioritize durability when purchasing a piece of new furniture. Room dividers made with highly durable materials can last longer. Although superb quality often means higher prices, it's usually worth splurging on when it's gorgeous and functional.

Boho room dividers with hardwood panel frames are more durable and stable than softwood. They can stand easily without additional reinforcements at the bottom since they're heavy. Plus, they're naturally termite-resistant and incredibly long-lasting.


A boho divider is a perfect addition to a dull space. It can make a room feel lively and warm, creating a cozy atmosphere. Considering all these essential factors can help you find the one that reflects your creative spirit and completes your home interior design.


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