A good journey starts with a good bar

October 11, 2022


Every time we leave home, whether it's for the office or a business trip, the route is exciting. If it's a family trip, the fun is immersed in the planning. One activity we should share every time we take a highway or road is stopping at a bar.

These places offer a wide variety of options. From excellent gastronomy to different types of drinks. We are talking about cocktails, drinks, beer and wines. Specifically, in the financial area of New York City you will find the best places.

These places offer entertainment, good ambiance, refreshing food and drinks, music and much more. They are also great for distracting us from our travels, stretching our legs a bit or just stopping to go to the bathroom. In short, any place is a good place to stop for a while, freshen up and move on.

What makes you stop at a bar?

Bars are meeting places that offer fun in different presentations and doses. However, the décor, ambiance and small details can make the difference between stopping or moving on to another venue. How do you make the difference? It is important to invest in a good structure, one that is solid, yet feels welcoming.

Lighting is critical in these cases. Especially if you open at night; a common time in busy areas in New York City. Another recommendation is the way you over-sell yourself to your competitors.

You are in a constant struggle to attract customers, but so are the businesses next to you. It may be easy if your neighbors don't offer what you do, but what happens when you have bars with the same concept to your left and right? It's time to break away and here's how to do it:

Invest in decoration

The first impression that a new customer gets every time he passes by your store is reflected in the facade. Look for details that make them feel comfortable. In that first encounter, they imagine things like: Will it be very expensive? What kind of food do they serve?

Generally, these doubts arise when the place does not offer an attractive structure. On the other hand, the façade must open curiosities, and once inside exploit its visual field with excellent decorative elements.

They must be allusive to the gastronomic theme of the place. Provide the security that the client expects when entering. Try to change their doubts or concerns, for accurate answers and a lot of security, just to enter. This is only possible with a good decoration.

Play with mystery

There are bars that play with their decoration. They are really mysterious and leave nothing to the imagination. Is it positive or negative for the business? It all depends on what you want to express and what kind of audience you are looking for in your bar. This strategy does not apply to all bars, only those who want to be a bit exclusive.


Light attracts people, but a lot of it also scares them away. The idea is to show off the space and make sure customers have a nice evening, but without affecting their eyes. Try to combine calm environments, light tones and moderate lighting.

Show what you have

Another good strategy is for customers to see the inside of the bar from their vehicles. This way they will be able to clarify any doubts just by looking. For this, the decoration should be completely transparent using glass walls.

The structural combination of the bars is important to stand out from competitors. Updating and going with the current trend is fundamental, but without touching the original essence of the business. Many loyal customers keep visiting you just for the attention, but new economically active customers want changes, and it is your duty to do it.

The best wine bars in New York's financial district

Did you know... on a travel route through New York, you can find thousands of bars? This is a fabulous fact and you can find it on nicelocal.com. If you are looking for a wide variety of places to distract your mind, alone or accompanied, these places offer different proposals to visitors.

Golden Wuish

It is an authentic Chinese food bar. Its structural proposal is wide, comfortable, elegant and friendly. You can stop your trip for lunch or dinner. Accompany your Asian feast with excellent drinks such as beers or cocktails. You can't miss their selected wine list that you will taste with real pleasure.


In the heart of Manhattan this is a small bar in the best Italian style of the city. It specializes in pizzas and Italian food. The best thing is the atmosphere, with a traditional style that goes from the decoration, furniture and utensils. In addition, the staff is very nice and specialized in attention. To refresh your throat you can ask for their Italian wine list, the best selection.

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

It is a bar with two atmospheres. One inside the bar and the other outside, which connects you with the city. You can enjoy its gastronomy, but its specialty is desserts. There is crazy hour, brunch and exquisite martinis. The most special dishes are based on chocolate, but its wine list will surprise you. You can go with your family or stop with friends before going home.

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

This wine bar is in the best place in town. With a very cool and comfortable atmosphere, Aldo can surprise you with French and American gastronomy. The place has a vintage decoration. In addition, the service is first class and the wine list is extremely varied.

Wine 360

In the heart of the city, very close to Sixth Avenue, is this delicious bar. It combines three wonderful flavors in its gastronomy. You can enjoy American, Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. The atmosphere is simple but cozy. It is perfect to get out of the routine and enjoy good food and drink. Its wine list is straightforward, but of excellent quality.

This small proposal is available in New York City. Find out more wine bars near me and enjoy all their proposals. Remember, there are more than 820 places waiting for you. Don't hesitate any longer, stop your vehicle and enjoy a good gastronomy and the best wines of the city.


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