Advantages Of Installing Security Bollards

October 20, 2022

In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on protecting individuals from car crashes with pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles, and buildings, particularly considering the increase in vehicle-building collisions.

Many commercial and governmental buildings use security bollards as part of their perimeter security strategy to provide the highest level of security while continuing to permit pedestrian and temporary vehicle access.

Why we need to use Security bollards?

Traffic or security bollards are employed for a variety of reasons. They are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, forms, and materials. A bollard's primary function is to obstruct traffic or lessen the severity of collisions. They are positioned in various spots along the roadside to direct vehicles as well. Bollards are typically placed in high-traffic locations.

They are there to prevent automobile collisions, accidents, and other problems. Bollards are a highly useful device because they give people security and safety. However, Bollards have some disadvantages, which will be covered in more detail in this article.

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Security bollards advantages include

  • Traffic control

Bollards are essential for traffic control. Security Bollards are used for everything from traffic rerouting to road closures and partial closures to test channeling.

  • Slowing of traffic and safety

One of the most important functions of a bollard is to warn drivers of high curbs and narrow roadways, control traffic flow in busy streets and prevent vehicles from mounting sidewalks.

  • Building and infrastructure security

Bollards are a crucial security measure that protects against unintentional and purposeful vehicle harm. The installation of security bollards would significantly increase security for any facility or infrastructure that is vulnerable to vehicle collision. Consider installing bollards in banks, schools, government buildings, museums, military structures, and corner buildings.

  • Avoid climbing the curb

When there aren't enough parking spots in a busy neighborhood, some people mount the curb and park on the edge or sidewalk. Vehicles trying to enter and exit congested parking spaces have the potential to quickly mount the curb and unintentionally harm landscaping and even buildings.

  • Pedestrian protection

For pedestrians' safety, crowded street corners, ineffective traffic signals, and dangerous crosswalks can all be problems. By placing bollards in places with high levels of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, it is possible to protect pedestrians from harm from errant automobiles.

Types of security bollards

Apart from the advantages of security bollards, we must know about the different types of security bollards available.

Non-crash resistant bollard

Not only are bollards intended to serve as defensive barriers, but they can also be used to control traffic, warn against potential assaults, and enhance the aesthetic value of the exterior of a building or other area. Alleys, bike routes, and sidewalks can all have vehicle access restricted with the installation of bollards, which can help reduce the risk of collisions.

They have the potential to serve as a visual deterrent as well, letting people passing by know that the building or area in question may be protected by additional security personnel. This could discourage would-be burglars from trying to break into the building by force.

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Crash resistant bollard

Anti-ram and crash bollards are built and put through crash testing to determine how well they can withstand the impact of a car crashing into them. They are constructed to endure the pressure that would be caused by a regular automobile or truck moving at a certain speed. Most of the time, crash-resistant steel bollards are used to safeguard both military and government installations, which are both more likely to be attacked by terrorists driving vehicles.

Shallow mount bollard

New innovations in the design of bollards have led to the creation of shallow-mount bollards. This type of security bollard makes use of a high strength steel bollard core, a technology that was invented by Safety Flex. This core gives the bollard the ability to expand and take in the energy from very high hits. the different bollard design makes it possible for them to have a foundation that is only a few inches deep.


Security bollards are essential for road safety. If you are unaware of them and want to know their benefits and drawbacks, this is the perfect article for you.



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