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October 12, 2022

Selling your property can sometimes be discouraging. Your property might have been devalued from wear and tear or old fittings and fixtures, but you don't want to sell yourself short. So, it causes a bit of a headache. We will show you six easy ways to help you get the best value for your property while ensuring you don't make a loss.

Do Some Housekeeping to Your House

Put yourself in the valuer's shoes; how much would you rate a dirty house? Not so good. Selling a home for the correct value comes not only with selling the house but also with selling its appeal. You want to make your house as appealing as it can get by the time it's getting valued; clean everything! Mow the lawn, vacuum, arrange, fold, wash, scrub, and just do everything possible to make the house as clean as possible.

Valuers will have an easier time doing their job when their house is spotless, and it would leave a great first impression of you in the mind of the valuer. Be sure to get every nook and cranny of your house because valuers will scour through everything, even the places you might least expect. The tiniest details matter, so be sure not to neglect any aspect of your house.

This step is crucial because the valuer is taking a look at the house from the buyer's perspective, and nobody wants to buy a dirty-looking house, whether it's Abilene TX homes for sale or luxury villas. Let them see the house in its best condition so you can get the best value possible for your home.

Go All Out on Your Outside

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. And what's a better first impression than the outside of your home? An unappealing exterior would affect your valuer's judgment of you and the rest of your home even before they see the interior. It's just basic psychology!

Curb appeal is a significant determinant of your home's value. This means you have to take care of everything outside, from the landscaping to the driveway and even the sidewalks.

Doing this will put a valuer in a favorable state of mind, even before seeing the inside.

The Nicer You Get, The Pricier It Gets

Being kind to your valuers is a great way to make them feel good, and when they feel good about you, you know what that means for your valuation. Treat the valuers respectfully, value their professional opinions, and don't argue with them or condemn their estimates. In most cases, people would leave them to their jobs but being kind doesn't hurt. They may have had a long day going from house to house, and you offering them a beverage would mean a lot.

Never ask the valuer home how much your home is worthwhile, while they are still on the property. Valuing takes time, and asking before they can finish could be annoying. Be hospitable to them and remember that pride goes before a fall (in the valuation of your house)

Make Some Repairs

Anyone buying a house does not want to start making a series of repairs as soon as the house is theirs, and that's why you need to do the work before you sell. Making those repairs is usually very cheap but can cost you a lot in valuation. If a valuer sees that repairs are necessary, it will automatically reduce the value of your house. And you never know how much something as simple as a broken doorknob could reduce the total value of your home; that's why you should try as much as possible to do all the repairs before the valuer arrives.

Of course, it may not be possible to complete all repairs before getting valued; even valuers know this. But you have to repair all essential functionalities; that's only reasonable. Those repairs could be as simple as replacing broken doorknobs or patching drywall. They don't cost much to fix but can cost you a lot if you don't fix them.

You'll Get It Right With Good Lighting

As simple as it sounds, the lighting in your home can be a game changer; it could determine how pricey your house gets. Natural light usually does the trick; everybody loves natural lighting. But if you don't have great natural lighting, you can still make it work with clever artificial lighting. LED bulbs, fireplace, whatever you can do to make the place feel much brighter would be much appreciated and would appreciate the value of your house.

They say, "Home is where the light is."

Double-check Before You Get Checked

The moments before a home valuation can be stressful; you're trying your best to fix the things that need fixing, repaint, redecorate, and ready everything before the valuer comes. And amid all this hassle, you may forget something vital. Double-checking can be very helpful here. Double-check all your appliances to see if they are working, check your electrical and plumbing systems, and replace the things that need replacing; just check everything and keep them in good condition for the new owners.


Getting the best value for your home does not involve spending a fortune. You can do things to make your valuer feel welcome in your home, and if you have the money, you can go for more effective options. What matters is that you put in the effort and present your property in the best way possible, and doing that would get you the best value for your property.



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