Five ways to use WhatsApp for Estate Agents to Increase Business

October 27, 2022

When a friend doesn't pick up the phone when you call them, you message them. Trying to interact with your customers shouldn't be any different. The WhatsApp API now makes it possible for estate and letting agencies to make use of the channel to significantly enhance business-to-consumer interactions.

For example, if you’re looking for Cheltenham estate agents, you would much rather contact them seamlessly over the web or through text rather than look up a landline number that may or may not work.

Here are some things you can accomplish with a reliable WhatsApp API system:

Make it possible for clients to initiate a chat with your service teams and estate agents from your website:

More than 50% of customers say they would like to engage with a business they can contact on WhatsApp. You may make it simpler for potential clients to contact your business by adding a suitable WhatsApp call-to-action to your website.

WhatsApp is asynchronous and has prequalification bots to help. This also implies that estate agencies may stop using pricey third parties who are outsourced to handle their live chat. You may now make it possible for your clients to contact you on WhatsApp in the same manner that you market your phone number or email address.

Convert incoming calls into WhatsApp conversations:

If you're having trouble answering the phone during busy or peak hours you can lessen the headache of missed calls through Voice2WhatsApp which is used for waiting-call-to-WhatsApp-chat conversion.

A call that goes unanswered can be quite upsetting for customers. Even worse, it affects how people perceive the quality of your brand's services. By using WhatsApp, we can move a client from a phone call and connect them to your team via message.

Transfer leads from your portal to the WhatsApp chatbot:

Use a chatbot to automate the process before transferring a lead to your branch's sales and letting staff. With 95% opening and reading rates, this might increase efficiency and help you make the most of your leads. This can tackle the problem of leads estate agents don't follow up on.

90% of your clients use WhatsApp. You may answer your prospect right away by automatically sending a WhatsApp message once they make a property inquiry through a site. You can pre-qualify using automated flows, and you can tell when someone has a property they would like to advertise or if they'd like to set up a mortgage consultation.

The conversational bot's role is to record, probe, and pass along information to your teams while maintaining a personal touch. Your ability to respond to leads will set you apart from the competition.

Make it simple for clients to contact you by using QR codes to create more valuation leads:

QR codes have made a comeback in recent years, and they remain more popular than ever.

Instead of using specialised programmes, more and more devices allow QR integration through their built-in cameras. For realtors, this is great. The fact that QR codes function equally effectively in the physical and digital worlds is a clear advantage.

If your firm has a physical presence, you may print them out and put them up to convert actual footfall into long-term connections. You may use them on posters, printed materials, and other places to widen your contact networks. In addition, tracking your conversions from various lead sources gives you an advantage.

For launching sales and customer support discussions on WhatsApp, QR codes are very helpful. Pre-written messages are a practical feature. WhatsApp makes it simpler to start conversations by letting you enter pre-filled texts within your QR codes.

Send follow-up Whatsapp messages in bulk using templates:

WhatsApp may be used to assist with all facets of client communication. Just 20% of the calls placed by agents are answered. About 75% of users disable personal email account alerts on their mobile phones. They don't want their phone to constantly alert them to new spam that arrives in their email.

However, WhatsApp has an opening and reading rate of 95%. Therefore, this is without a doubt the most effective technique to get in touch with your clients or potential clients.

Whatsapp makes it simpler to schedule viewings, get viewing comments, and follow up on value leads. By using the WhatsApp API to link your branches with clients, you may please your customers while adhering to WhatsApp's complex terms of usage.

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