Going Above and Beyond: The New Way to Purchase Art

October 3, 2022

Art is everywhere around us. It is not just something that we gape at. It is something that we experience. From the moment we wake up to the way we prepare our breakfast, do our hair, tie our shoelace, or put on our coat. Everything that we do, experience, and will be experiencing is an art in and of itself. Art makes our lives brighter, compelling, and meaningful. It is no surprise that we integrate artworks and masterpieces in our living spaces. It’s because it makes us feel something. It evokes a sense of emotion and embodies our character and our hearts desires.

With the millions of artworks in the world, finding a one and true masterpieces that speaks to you is a one-in-a-million chance. But here at IKONA, we are introducing a new way for art enthusiasts like you to find the one. There are so many cool ways to purchase art these days.

IKONA believes that in order to remain relevant in today's environment, art must be presented in a contemporary and approachable manner.

We have developed a cutting-edge solution that makes use of the most recent developments in blockchain technology, offering various additional advantages like security, authenticity, and transparency.  IKONA also enables investing in and supporting our works and artists because of the usage of blockchain technology.

Our Best Collection

Alien Throne

The artist took this picture on a road trip to a lonely desert in New Mexico. The area also has an alien terrain and a very dark sky, though you can see some light pollution on the horizon from a town that is about 50 miles away. The planetary pair of Jupiter and Saturn, which were unusually close that night, can be seen as the brilliant objects to the left of the hoodoo.

This picture has won awards in a number of photography competitions, including NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day in 2021 and the People's Choice Award in the Astronomy Photography of Year event.

Antelope Canyon

The Antelope canyon is a slot canyon located in the American Southwest on Navajo Land, east of Lechee Arizona. In this photo, light beams can be seen entering the canyon. Navajo People refer to Upper Antelope Canyon as Tsé bighánln, which means "the place where water runs through rocks." The reason it is the most popular with tourists is because it is completely flat, needing no climbing, and that it frequently receives direct sunshine from openings at the top of the canyon. As the sun must be high in the sky, beams most frequently appear during the summer.

Golden Gate

If you are looking for the perfect souvenir gift to give to a love one or a friend, there’s nothing quite like gifting a magnificent shot of the famous Golden gate Bridge. This landscape photo of the bridge features a spectacular sunrise which makes the scene truly feels like heaven on earth.


This scenic landscape photo is taken in the Sonoma Mountains located in the state of California. The Sonoma Mountains are the source of many waterways. Copeland Creek and Hinebaugh Creek originate on the northwest slopes and run to the Laguna de Santa Rosa before eventually emptying into the Pacific Ocean just south of Jenner, California. This amazing geographic feature of the mountain is what makes this scenic photograph of mystic clouds and fog possible.

About the Artist

Marcin Zajac

Marcin is a landscape photographer from Poland who currently resides in Northern California. He works as a software engineer when he isn't chasing light with his camera.

Although he frequently explores the region close to his current residence in California, his photography has led him to many stunning locations, including the Australian coastline and the rough volcanic scenery of Iceland.

His work has received recognition in a number of photography competitions, including the People's Choice Award in 2021, NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day in 2020, and placement among the top 101 images in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021 competition, the most prestigious landscape photography competition in the world. He was also shortlisted for Astronomy Photographer of the Year organized by Royal Museum Greenwich four times in a row (2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022).

Do you want to get one of Marcin’s masterpieces up on your home’s wall? Shop his collection at IKONA. IKONA secures every piece of artwork using our in-house invented solution based on authenticity token on blockchain network.


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