Hardwood flooring trends for 2022

October 4, 2022

Although there are many other flooring options, few have the long-lasting sturdiness and widespread popularity of hardwood floors. Wood flooring has a classic appeal, making it suitable for business and residential settings. Additionally, attractive, natural wood gives interior spaces a cosy, organic sense that encourages relaxation and appreciation of the home's decor.

Despite the attractiveness that nearly all varieties of hardwood have, a few unique types of wood flooring continue to be developed every year. These trendy flooring designs quickly gain appeal as soon as they are launched.

Many hardwood flooring trends have evolved that are extensions of previous design trends. This includes hues and flooring designs intended to last longer, so you can be confident that the wood flooring you install this year will be fashionable ten years from now.

To acquire ideas for your upcoming remodelling job, look at these hardwood flooring trends for 2022! Before selecting the new floor for your interior, you may look at the most recent trends in Gulvkanonen.dk.

Rich Colors and Variety

Hardwood floors are no exception to the trend of brighter colours and design in flooring. Although there is a modest variation in many hardwood floors, more recent trends amplify this. This calls for either using a hardwood with a naturally wild and dramatic grain or one incorporating various hues and mixed hardwood species.

Utilizing a combination of recycled wood is one method to achieve this effect. Blends gather boards of various sizes and wood hues, then finish them collectively for a unified appearance.

Use a blend with a deep variation like this one in bright areas where the colours can genuinely pop. Alternately, apply it where the colours will be visible.

Dark Wood Floor Colors

Hardwood floors with smoky tones provide more drama and personality. These floorings offer a charming and distinctive appearance. They still retain the familiar warm undertone of hardwood flooring options but also have a trendy, rustic appearance. Almost any species of wood can undergo the process of achieving a smokey appearance. These hardwoods acquire their colour naturally—staining is not necessary. Ammonia is discharged into the air while the wood planks are within a chamber. The ammonia causes the wood to respond, changing the hue. Overall, the procedure provides the wood with a black tone and brings out the wood's unique grain.

Whitewashed or Bleached Floors

You can't go wrong with a comprehensive, smooth, light-coloured hardwood floor for modern areas. As they age, hardwoods inevitably turn darker and acquire a patina. However, a whitewashed floor takes on an entirely new appearance that is quite appealing in contemporary design trends.

Lighter wood tones add brightness to a room, while bleached or whitewashed wood tones give a home a casual, rustic feel. A chemical solution is applied to the wood's surface when bleaching a wood floor to eliminate the colour or stain. Whitewashing preserves the natural wood grain while giving wood a white appearance.

This also results in a less cluttered floor, which makes it work better with minimalist designs. Also, you can prefer GRP Grating provides durable and lasting solutions.

Natural Textures

There is a lot of appeal to rustic floors. They make the spectator feel at ease by reminding them of nature and its organic textures and surfaces.

You may style rustic flooring in a variety of ways. The floors may be composed of recycled wood previously used as a floor, or they may be brushed to highlight their texture. Particularly on reclaimed flooring, nail holes, saw marks, and patina gives the floor personality.

However, any rustic textures may give a space a lot of depth. They look great in homes that want to look and feel natural, such as cottages, farms, lodges, and other similar structures.

Broad plank flooring

The widths of the planks that make up a hardwood floor appear to shift in popularity every few years, which causes the size of the planks to fluctuate. The wide plank floor has seen both enduring and recent resurgence in popularity.

Compared to another wood flooring, wide plank hardwoods are less complicated to construct since fewer pieces are used. More grain and variations in each unique piece of wood may be seen as a result. This results in a floor that is both more intriguing and subtle. It serves as an excellent backdrop for commercial spaces while fostering a cozier environment in domestic settings.

Reclaimed wood has rapidly gained popularity because it is distinctive, resilient, and environmentally friendly, and each plank tells a story.

Reclaimed wood refers to the use of previous construction materials of Gulvkanonen. Recycling reclaimed wood accomplishes two goals simultaneously by providing you with unique and sustainable materials.


Reclaimed wood frequently comes from barns, decks, and timbers. It has a naturally aged appearance. However, given its current level of popularity, you can find salvaged wood from unusual sources such as wine barrels and more.


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