Heating and cooling for commercial buildings

October 17, 2022

HVAC, aka heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, is a must-have for every commercial, industrial, or residential abode. The heating and cooling system protect the indoor environment by modulating the multi-storied building's temperature, humidity, and air quality. The HVAC systems are liable for 40% of the entire energy consumed in commercial buildings, which makes it important to get a top-notch HVAC system. However, different commercial heating and cooling systems are available nowadays. Therefore, it could leave you baffled about which designs and features to opt for. But this article will elaborate on the distinct HVAC systems for commercial buildings to keep your business going!

Single-split system

It's considered the most budget-friendly commercial cooling system, ideal for tiny commercial places, such as shops, cafes, server rooms, and offices. Every indoor unit of these commercial buildings possesses an exterior unit, which means if your business branches out more, it can incorporate extra cooling capacity in a one-to-one ratio. However, do you know about commercial hvac grilles and diffusers and their wide variety? Check out the collections now! If you're unsure, an Hvac essential oil diffuser can give offices a scented smell that is pleasant.

VRF system

These systems were invented in the early 80s in Japan and are considered the most impeccable commercial heating and cooling system. The VRF systems are entirely ductless and depend on the heat pumps, which transmit refrigerant from a central outdoor unit consisting of all the condensers and compressors. They are ideal for different types of commercial spaces and mixed-use facilities. In a nutshell, VRF, aka Variable Refrigerant Flow system, isn't suitable for larger indoor assembly areas.

Multi-split system

The multiple indoor units are associated with a larger and single outdoor unit. Commercial places like diners, retail shops, larger office spaces, and doctor's chambers often use these systems. Such type of system has innumerable pipework and needs to be installed appropriately. Hire a professional to perform the installation task, as installation errors can minimize your HVAC efficiency by 30%.

Constant air volume

The constant air volume or CAV systems utilize a single-duct supply only and replace setup with constant airflow or varying airflow in order to maintain temperatures at set points. You can get a Make-Up Air Unit here. However, the CAVs offer thorough and uniform airflow and modulate the building's environment by adjusting the temperature of the air supply. They work perfectly in spaces with broad open areas and few windows, for example, an exhibition hall.

Variable air volume

VAV or variable air volume system is ideal for commercial spaces with non-uniform heating and cooling requirements. The fan speed or the system compressor differs relying on the room temperature. Moreover, the compressor also modulates the refrigerant flow to support even temperature, which makes the VAV system highly energy-efficient. Some of the biggest advantages of installing VAV systems are it saves energy charges and can control temperature and humidity.

To conclude, a perfect HVAC system for a commercial building will solely depend on your air conditioning needs. These are the top 5 heating and cooling systems for commercial buildings which will provide value for your money.

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