How Can You Improve Your Next Project Being An Interior Designer?

October 31, 2022

Interior design is the science of creating aesthetically appealing yet functional spaces that address and respond to their occupants' needs and preferences. A career in interior design seems profitable, perhaps even glamorous, to an outsider, but it requires innate creativity, passion, tremendous effort, and consistency.

Second, referrals are everything in the interior design world, and you can only get referrals from your clients by doing an incredible job on their projects. So, which measures can you take to outdo yourself on your next interior design project? Below are tips to help you level up your craft as an interior designer and wow your clients.

Establish Strong Vendor Connections

Interior design projects are mostly collaborative, meaning designers often engage professionals from other disciplines, like contractors and vendors, to complete the project successfully. Therefore, establishing a solid relationship with your contractor or vendor will turn them into a trusted partner on your next project.

Trusted vendors, like The Trade Table, can simplify sourcing and procurement procedures by supplying you with the latest high-quality furnishings and appliances for your project within the required timelines. The company deals with modern interior upgrades from trusted brands like MrCool Mini-split HVAC systems, Ecoflow Delta 2 power battery backups, and Rinnai tankless water heaters.

According to one study, energy retrofitting or enhancing the energy efficiency in a home using the above products increases property value by up to 7.4%. Increasing property value is one way to improve your next interior design project and offer unparalleled client value.

Besides suppliers, contractors can offer insights on opening up layouts by removing drywall efficiently or adjusting plumbing to suit novel upgrades like a Dundalk barrel sauna. Therefore, strong multidisciplinary connections generate perks like prompt services, free insights, and idea exchanges necessary for long-term career growth in interior design.

So, how do you establish and nurture such professional connections to rep benefits? First, be professional, and treat your team and collaborative partners with respect and dignity, even amid a crisis. Second, be a people person; one expert review cites building relationships among the surest ways to advance your career.

Begin With A Debrief Of Previous Projects

The best way to learn is through experience, and a post-project debrief allows you to do that. A debrief is an interactive discussion outside formal policies to evaluate a previously completed project. Although the end result of completed project matters, a debrief focuses primarily on the process that led to the result. It highlights the elements that worked exceptionally well, the challenges that arose and whether they were avoidable, and the steps taken to address such challenges.

Such an assessment helps to identify areas of growth in your interior design project management by putting things into perspective. The lessons from debriefing sessions can help you predict future challenges within your team or project partners and streamline your interior design workflow.

Set Clear Goals For Your Next Project

A clear goal for your next interior design project is vital to bringing the project to fruition. Interior design projects can be enticing, and the prospect of creating something majestic on a blank canvas can be irresistible. However, only some projects align with your desired growth and career trajectory. Therefore, setting goals helps you stay focused and choose a project that you find fulfilling.

You can set future project goals by asking yourself what kind of home feel you would like to generate and what design elements are most important to you. Second, ask your prospective client questions to establish whether you are a good fit for their project.

You can create a standardized client questionnaire to help establish their needs and preferences and decide whether they are a good fit beforehand. Although the pressure to make money and build a portfolio is immense, sticking to your goals allows you to work on projects that inspire joy.

Stay Up To Date With Interior Design Trends

Trends are an integral interior design element, and staying abreast with the latest trends allows you to make a good impression on your clients. Interior design styles range from classic, contemporary, and art moderne to shabby chic and eclectic. Each style trends for a period before another style takes over.

Besides overall style trends, keeping up with fixture, furnishing, texture, and color palate trends is essential. Such trends help you include home upgrades that will wow your client.

For example, An Empire fireplace is an elegant yet functional fixture trend because it puts up more heat than standard fireplaces, yet it's more energy efficient. Also, a FireMagic grill or WPPO pizza oven can allow you to wow your client with a magnificent indoor-outdoor kitchen.

Fortunately, numerous interior design inspiration and trends sources exist online, and most of them are free, while others charge a nominal fee worth paying. Such resources include websites, apps, and 3-D mock-up software to help you identify trends and present them visually to your client. Also, consider monitoring trends in interior design capitals like New York, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, and Valencia.

Join interior Design Communities

Although creativity and professional skills are vital for your next project, they can only take you far. However, joining an interior design community will multiply your creativity, skills, and confidence.

Interior design communities allow you to connect with like-minded individuals, mentors, and thought leaders from different global markets. Such platforms allow you to share creative and project management ideas, client management strategies, and future-forward concepts like sustainable and eco-friendly interior design. Most interior design communities have chapters globally, so you can find something offline. Alternatively, you can join online communities.

Pay Attention to the Details

Apparent changes in an interior space, like different furniture, a new wall color, or a kitchen island, redefine the space. However, more minor details that people hardly notice also play a significant role in the final picture. Therefore, pay attention to minor details to create an impeccable space.


Simple tweaks could differentiate between a good finish and an impeccable interior space. Therefore, consider tweaks like upgrading cabinet and door handles, painting a water faucet, adjusting bulb wattage to make a space brighter, and adding texture using throw blankets and cushions.

Make Bold Style Choices

Interior design execution has clear-cut rules. However, do not shy away from bending the rules to create magic.

For instance, you can adopt the 70:30 rule, whereby you mix up complimentary design styles in a 70:30 ratio to create something exceptional. Also, explore new color palettes and contrasting features to inject novelty into your project.


Interior design projects vary significantly and may require different competencies and soft skills. However, the tips above cut across the board and should help you wow your next client, generate referrals, and evolve as a designer.


Carlos Diaz
I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Travel, design, fashion and current trends in the field of industrial construction are topics that I enjoy writing about.

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