How IP Intercom Systems Can Improve Video Surveillance

October 20, 2022

The security sector has continued to be shaped by consumer attitudes and needs, which are what fuels continuing market and industry changes. This has resulted in the development of novel applications for safety and security in areas like access to, and management of, buildings in a wide range of industries. These have set the stage for security experts to reconsider the role of intercom technology, with the goal of better supporting end users and system owners through the intelligent application of the technology's sophisticated capabilities. This would include everything from easy, safe, and secure methods of granting access to the building to automated monitoring and remote management.

The benefits of using a smart intercom

Since IP intercoms offer more features, they are becoming increasingly popular. This is the case for all types of homes, from those with high-tech commercial security systems to those with simple locks on their front doors. The adaptability of IP intercoms, especially in terms of remote access, is a direct result of the incorporation of technology that allows for the incorporation of the features that businesses require.

Hygiene and safety issues are driving a rise in the use of contactless techniques (such as QR codes and Bluetooth). As a bonus, these make it easier for security staff to do their jobs by allowing temporary access privileges to be distributed digitally rather than through the time-consuming and expensive process of manually managing physical keys or access cards.

The implementation of intelligent video or audio analytics capabilities can further assist security personnel in recognizing problems and triggering responses. If an intruder is spotted in a restricted area, or if the intercom picks up on suspicious noises like shouting or gunshots, it can trigger an alarm, begin capturing video and play a deterrent message without any intervention from security personnel.

A similar action can be taken when someone is refused access through an integrated access control system. If the intercom contains a camera, this can be done without leaving the conversation. Visual inspection can be used for further identity verification in cases where it is necessary (such as when a stolen access card is being used).

Boosting productivity and safety in both homes and businesses

Managers of security at any type of property are responsible for keeping an eye on all entry points and enforcing strict rules regarding who is allowed in and who is not. IP intercoms make it possible for security professionals to supervise visitors and keep everyone secure from a single location, which may be located anywhere, including off-site.

IP intercoms boost convenience for homeowners by allowing them to remotely unlock doors for delivery people and other known visitors. Visitors' calls can be taken on a tablet while relaxing on the couch, on a mobile phone while at the office, or on a dedicated answering unit in a home.

Integrating it with the regular reception phone or the video management system on the displays in the security office is a common practice in business settings where it serves a similar purpose.

Looking beyond conventional applications

IP intercoms are becoming more widely recognized for their value beyond their traditional door access role. Many fields are seeing new scenarios that call for remote monitoring and communication tools.

Patient monitoring presents difficulties from a personnel and security perspective in the healthcare industry. This is especially important in crowded hospitals where a smaller number of caregivers may be responsible for a larger number of patients requiring critical care. IP intercoms can help doctors out by letting them keep tabs on more patients with high-resolution imaging and two-way audio. The use of such technology also lessens the likelihood of contracting an infectious disease and reduces the quantity of PPE needed (PPE).

This kind of remote work is common in many fields. Deliveries are constantly arriving and going to shops. IP intercoms allow store employees to control access for visitors — especially delivery drivers requiring access to loading bays — without interrupting or diverting attention from other operations taking place during the workday.

Many businesses have adjusted their policies on remote versus on-site work in recent years. Keeping tabs on who enters buildings is crucial for the safety of students, employees, and property at any educational institution, office, or factory, and also for legal reasons. In the event of an issue, an intercom can be used to track actions and occurrences, as well as to manage the flow of visitors into the building.

Putting money into IP intercom systems is a wise investment

Organizations continue to strive for technological solutions that are intelligent and integrated as security and safety requirements shift. When combined with video monitoring, access control, and audio features, IP intercoms become extremely versatile. The adaptability of such systems allows for their usage in a wide variety of non-traditional contexts, meeting the needs of a wide range of organizations. Implementing IP intercoms will ultimately aid in supporting various personnel in a variety of settings, allowing them to perform to better quality while enhancing efficiencies.


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