How is commercial painting different from industrial painting?

October 8, 2022


Commercial painting and industrialized painting both include painting a structure for commercial purposes, but with opposing goals in mind. A painting firm approaches commercial and industrial painting differently since they have different purposes.

Commercial painting entails painting a place of commerce where clients will be present, such as a retail store. It is critical that the painting used is long-lasting, but it is also critical that it instills a favourable sense in the people who view it.

A commercial painting project is similar to a home painting job in many ways but on a bigger scale. Industrial painting, on the other hand, is all about the purpose of the above form, about producing a long-lasting layer of paint that can withstand the rigorous circumstances of a manufacturing setting.

Commercial painting

When you own a firm that engages with clients on a retail level, one of the most critical things you must do is to ensure that your company portrays itself correctly.

On the other side, if your walls are in a good state of repair and you have a new and colourful coat of paint, people are more likely to have a positive impression of your company.

High-quality latex paint is usually the finest choice for a commercial painting project. Although acrylic is not as lasting as oil-based paint, it has some advantages. The main benefit is that it dries fast, which is vital because the more you have wet paint on your walls, the longer you won't be able to operate.

While latex paint may not have the same amount of durability or stain resistance as oil paint, this is often not a concern because your walls will not be subjected to the same kind of damage that they would face in an industrial setting.

When it's time to paint your large property, be sure to hire a business that has expertise in this kind of job. Although the process for commercial painting is comparable to that for residential painting, the task is bigger and calls for a larger and more skilled team to finish.

What is industrial painting?

While the aesthetics of painting a business are taken into consideration, the main focus of the commercial painting is on producing a long-lasting surface that can withstand misuse. The kind of painting that must be done in a space utilized for any kind of manufacturing is known as commercial painting. Clients or other general public do not spend any time in structures that are painted using this method.

As a result, aesthetics are not a concern, and emphasis is placed on applying the strongest and longest-lasting coat of paint possible. Contrary to commercial building painting, many businesses will choose oil-based paint over latex.

Oil-based paints tend to dry more slowly, but they also tend to be more robust and long-lasting.

Any sort of paint applied to vehicles, vessels, or aircraft, as well as to buildings like bridges, is referred to as industrial painting. Durability is still crucial in these situations, but since the audience will be subjected to the products indicated above, extra care must be given to ensure that the result looks attractive in addition to being strong and long-lasting.

Even if the paint job on an automobile was expected to remain for a very long period without fading or peeling, few people would still want to drive it.

Now that the difference between them is clear and understandable the respective business firms can choose the type of painting services they want and can avail the services of either commercial painting services in Auckland or industrial painting.



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