How to Achieve a Mid-Century Modern Style: Bedroom Edition

October 11, 2022

In recent years, mid-century modern has gained popularity as a classic style. Modern mid-century design pairs well with minimal aesthetics and adds subtle pops of color to the world of interior design. So, to help you jump on this design trend, we've gathered some of the most essential tips and tricks for a timeless and fun mid-century modern bedroom. Features and characteristics of a midcentury modern design include:

  • Functional spaces
  • Well-balanced rooms
  • Minimalist Aesthetic
  • Complementary to nature
  • Clean lines, flat planes, and geometric shapes.
  • Changes in elevation

From iconic chairs and vibrant colors to a trendy wood bed frame, be inspired by these top mid-century design tips:

Keep Your Palette Simple

In order to maintain modernity, keep your color palette as simple as possible without becoming too drab. In a mid-century modern palette, it’s recommended to use four to five colors. Using white, cream, dark brown, rust, and orange is a good example. With a palette like this, you can have a sleek and modern look while also incorporating mid-century details like a wood bed frame, colorful rugs, or fun wall art.

Keep Patterns to a Minimum

While mid-century and retro styles are recognized for their use of pattern, it's crucial that your modern take does so with a subtle touch. Choose one or two patterns to accompany your design. Mid-century modern furniture looks best with geometric styles, especially squares and circles. Choosing a geometric wallpaper will bring a playful touch to your room but limit the number of patterns used throughout the rest of the room. Too many patterns can make your design clash or look tacky. The best way to achieve a modern look is to keep things simple.

Use Raised Furniture

During the mid-century, raised furniture was all the rage. You can achieve this look with hairpin legs, a raised bed, sleek side tables with pencil-like legs, and modern clawfoot chairs. Raised furniture will also open up the look of your mid-century modern interior, making it feel more spacious. When you can see more of the available floor space, your room appears larger. Create the perfect look by purchasing raised side tables or a raised wood bed frame.

Don't Stick to Only One Geometric Look

Creating the perfect mid-century modern bedroom requires more than streamlined furniture. Take advantage of different geometric shapes and patterns. Shapes can be mixed and matched throughout a design; for example, pair square side tables with rounded corner chairs. Consider putting a circular rug under your wood bed frame. Geometric patterns and shapes are ideal for creating mid-century style.

Choose Bold Lighting

In the same way, that function is an integral part of mid-century modern furniture; lighting plays an equally important role. Lamps on the nightstand can be works of art themselves, so don't underestimate them. Find decorative lamp bases with lampshades that don't distract from the artfulness of the base. A globe, pendant, or Sputnik chandelier would look great over a wood frame bed. You can also place a multi-light floor lamp, or a floor lamp with a large arching arm, over your favorite sitting chair. Make sure your nightstand lamps are the same to create the symmetry and balance this design style demands.

Pick Out Some Fun Pieces

Of course, you can't have a mid-century modern space without a few fun and funky pieces. For example, get a bookcase with an odd design style. Or, get some funky decor pieces like a retro clock, old movie posters, or a fun vase to create a curated look. Globes, fun wall sconces, circular mirrors, creative bookshelves, and record players are also some fun pieces you can add to your room to create the perfect mid-century-themed look.

Wrapping It Up

Mid-century modern style shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon; this type of design is not only still a trend but has continuously gained followers and lovers over the years. Interiors with mid-century modern designs look light, clean, and chic; it's no wonder they're so popular. It generally follows the form-follows-function principle, resulting in a minimalist aesthetic. The mid-century modern style is an exceptionally simple and sleek design style and might be right for you if clutter bothers you. Decor in the mid-century modern style is functional and usually does not have excessive embellishments. Additionally, mid-century modern items can easily be mixed and matched. Mixing pieces from other styles will give your space texture and interest. From a raised wood bed frame to a trendy chandelier, mid-century style can give you a contemporary, somewhat futuristic aesthetic that you’re sure to enjoy for years to come. If you want to get more bedroom design ideas & related accessories check better nights for better things.


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