How To Create a Shoreline Retreat

October 13, 2022

If you're fortunate enough to own shoreline property, then you must make sure you're making the most of it. Your lakeside or ocean-side areas are the perfect space for a lovely, comfortable retreat that you can enjoy with your friends and family for many years to come. Read on to learn how to create that shoreline retreat.

The Perfect Dock

First, make sure that you have the perfect dock. If you don't currently have one, connect with a dock-building company that can help you plan and create your ideal dock. Do a little research on your own, too, so that you know the regulations in your area. Learn about dock accessories as well so that you have everything you need for launching a boat, lounging with a fishing pole or simply relaxing in the sun.

If you already have a dock, you can improve it by having it checked for sturdiness and re-varnished with a marine wood sealer. You can also add piling caps to extend your pilings’ life as well. If your dock isn't quite long enough, consider extending it. Again, reach out to a professional for this kind of job unless you have significant do-it-yourself skills.

A Little Beach

Depending on the layout of your shoreline, you might also consider creating a little swimming beach. Talk to a landscaper who works with property like yours to see if such a project is possible and if it would fit your budget. You must also make sure that your shoreline isn't eroding, and a specialized landscaper can help you with that, too. If a beach will work, then make sure that it is comfortable with warm sand, easy access to the water (mark safe zones if necessary) and room for sandcastles.

Beautiful Landscaping

Even if a beach isn't in the cards for your shoreline property, you can still fill your space with beautiful landscaping. An assortment of hedges, flowers and trees in an appealing pattern will create a relaxing atmosphere that is easy on the eyes and smells wonderful during the summer months. If you don't have much in the way of a green thumb, hire a landscaper to help you with your design or bring in garden-savvy friends with plenty of ideas and patience.

A Place to Relax

Don't neglect to provide a place specially reserved for relaxation at the shore. This might be a freestanding patio or a gazebo. Depending on your budget, you could get fairly elaborate with this. Include a space for seating with comfortable chairs or couches covered in easy-care outdoor upholstery. Add a pergola or awning for shade. An outdoor kitchen and eating area would be another great addition, especially if you love to cook and entertain. Choose a high-level grill that has the features you need, and add a few cupboards for storage and perhaps a mini-fridge if you have electricity access. A table and chairs will be convenient for both meals and games, and you could even bring in a portable fire pit for cool nights, marshmallow toasting and ghost stories.

A Play Space

If you have kids, they'll probably want a play space. Some playground equipment would do well, or you could set up a playhouse for them. Playground equipment varies greatly these days with everything from a simple swing set and slide to a massive structure complete with tunnels, climbing walls and monkey bars. Choose according to your kids' ages and your budget. A sandbox might be another good option or even a trampoline. Leave some room, too, for outdoor games like badminton or croquet.

Something More Rustic

Perhaps all of this seems like more than you want or need, and you would prefer something a little more rustic. There's certainly nothing wrong with that! You could designate a picnic area with a simple picnic table, bring in a couple comfortable chairs to set near the water and spend your days in peace and relaxation.

Whether you decide on an elaborate setup with a dock, a beach, landscaping, a freestanding patio and a play space or on something simpler and more rustic, you can create the perfect shoreline retreat for you and your loved ones. So do some planning, and then put your ideas into action so that you can enjoy relaxing near the water for many years to come.



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