How to host a Dinner that will be remembered by All

October 1, 2022

If you have friends, family or colleagues that are coming for a special dinner, and you want them to remember this evening as something unique, well organized and delightful, you need to make sure that the table is perfectly set and that the food on it is divine, no matter what the meal is. Here are a few elements to keep in mind, when you want to propose a dinner that will be remembered in time.

The Importance of Dinnerware

Everyone should have at least two sets of dinnerware at home: One for every day use and another for special occasions. However, if you only want one, you should definitely look into the collections of French dinnerware Revol. You may not know the name, but when you see their crumble cups in ceramic, you will automatically recognize their classic design. You should know that dinnerware for an important meal, does not have to be white. What you should aim for is quality that can be appreciated by the eyes of your guests, not classicism, which is fast disappearing in contemporary tastes, anyway. The beauty of dinnerware can be found in the deep black of a basalt plate, for example. Look for beauty, because that is something that everyone will agree upon, once they have left your house, after dinner. It starts with the plates, the glasses and the cutlery.

Fresh Products is the Key to Success

Some people think that to be sure to please, they have to cook their “classic.” The one meal that people always praise, when they eat at their place. But the most important thing is actually to serve a meal that uses fresh products of the season. Meals should be decided by a stroll at the market, through the vegetable and fruit sections. That is where you want to find your inspiration for the dinner that you will be serving, later on. It doesn’t mean that you have to try a new recipe; only that you need to choose one that will benefit the most of the vegetables and fruits that are currently available.

This is exactly what they do in the best restaurants around the world. They provide you with a choice of meals that are not on the menu (if they have one at all). If they are serving a certain dish on a given night, that is because the chef found all the fresh ingredients during his stroll at the market, to prepare it. You should adopt the same mentality, whenever an important dinner is to take place in your home, and you will be the chef.

Finally, make sure that you are present during dinner. There is nothing worse than going to eat at someone’s house and not having the host sitting down with the rest of the guests, because they are too busy in the kitchen. Therefore, choose recipes that will let you prepare the meal in advance, so that you only have to serve and enjoy the food with everyone else at the table.

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