How To Incorporate Metal Into Your Home Design

October 6, 2022

Traditionally, metal decor was used in industrial styles, but that has changed lately. The high demand for metal artwork has influenced people to change their decoration designs.

In fact, it’s said that metals are becoming popular in-home designs because they’re versatile; they can be incorporated into any home design. The only trick when working with metals is to avoid overdoing them.

The benefit of using metals in your home design is that they’re extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, and the like. But how can you incorporate metals into your home design? Read on to find out.

1. Mix And Match Metallics

You can work with different metals, such as gold, silver, brass, aluminum, bronze, iron, and copper. When mixing metal colors and styles, mixing warm and cool metals is advisable. Warm tone metals include brass, gold, and copper, while cool ones include aluminum, stainless steel, and silver. Black metals and cast iron are considered neutral.

Mixing colors helps create an overtime look that instantly elevates your kitchen, living room, and bathroom. However, for those without interior design experience, choosing a winning combination and applying it can be overwhelming.

There’s no perfect formula for mixing metals, but companies such as Alroys Sheet Metal & Fabrication and the like have proven strategies to help you achieve your dream combination. If you’re doing it yourself, there are tips you should follow to arrive at a trendy design, including choosing one metal as the main finish, selecting complementary metals for accents, using different metals for every room, and going with what you love.

2. Use Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper is a unique and original trend to style your modern home. It’s beautiful and is available in different patterns, ranging from gold and silver to floral and geometric.

Metallic wallpapers are known to be good light reflectors, meaning they’re a good choice for rooms that don’t receive much light. The benefits of using metal to design your home include:

  • They’re of high-quality material and have a unique and original appearance;
  • Metallic wallpaper complements any interior style in your home;
  • Easy to maintain and clean as all you need is to regularly wipe them with a moist sponge to keep them in perfect condition;
  • Metallic wallpaper is water-proof, doesn’t fade, and isn’t affected by sunlight exposure;
  • They’re safe and eco-friendly, meaning you shouldn’t worry about mold, mildew, and other microorganisms; and the like.

3. Metallic Furniture

Having unique furniture with distinctive patterns is a priority for homeowners who want appealing home decor.

Metallic furniture was popular in the past. Yet they have regained fresh popularity because of their durability and low maintenance. Metal can be used to create stylish steel table frames, steel chairs, and tables today.

While wood furniture remains an option, incorporating metallic furniture gives more life and personality to your living room. Below are some reasons why you should incorporate metallic furniture:

  • Metal furniture has great style as it’s designed to combine both form and functionality. It can also be painted to complement your home’s theme and design.
  • Metal furniture is easy to clean and allows easy pest control. This is because metal furniture has a less absorbent surface that helps tolerate pest chemicals.
  • Metal furniture offers value for money. Although high-quality metal furniture can have a huge upfront cost than wood furniture, it can last for decades without replacement.

4. Custom Metal Doors

Doors are the first thing visitors see when approaching your home. As such, you should have a door that increases your home’s aesthetic appeal. Custom metal doors offer boldness, style, and heightened security, making them a perfect door for your home.

When thieves notice you’re using metallic doors, they’re repulsed as you’re not an easy target, unlike homes with glass or wooden doors.

Metallic doors are available in various designs, meaning you’ll find a design that suits your home. They also come in various colors and can also be painted in the color of your choice. Just ensure the paint is of high quality and durable to ensure your door lasts long.

5. Metal Pendant Lights

A metal pendant light is a type of light fixture suspended from the ceiling and enclosed with stylish metallic rails.

Metallic pendant lights are durable and require little maintenance. They’re a magnificent and versatile way of illuminating your space, adding style, and making a statement style.

Yet choosing the right metal pendant light isn’t easy, you must consider the number of lights, shape and size, room’s design, and type of metal pendant lights.

The Bottom Line

Metallic decor can be incorporated into any space of your home. Hopefully, the abovementioned tips will help determine ways you can use metal to make unique designs for your home. Just remember to balance everything with your home design and colors.


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