How to Invest If You Want to Buy a House in the Next 5 Years

October 18, 2022


Many dreams of their own homes but don't take any action. Not all people can afford to buy any real estate right away. However, sitting and waiting for a miracle isn't the best option for those eager to acquire their property.

In this article, we will briefly talk about what to invest in and give practical tips on how to invest to buy a house in the next 5 years. Let's go!

What is worth investing in?

Before we move on to our tips, let's take a quick look at what exactly you can try to invest to earn the necessary amount.

  • Cryptocurrency. Today this method is in demand among most investors. Yes, this topic is quite complex and requires particular knowledge and skills. BuidlBee reports that for most new investors, selling coins is more complex than buying them. Therefore, you will have to understand the topic a little, and then you can increase your capital well.
  • Certificate of deposit. This is a security that certifies the amount of the deposit made to the bank. The advantage is a fixed interest rate that doesn't change. However, the amount of the deposit must be substantial for you to start earning a real income.
  • Commercial real estate. It doesn't mean you have to buy a shopping center or a warehouse when there isn't enough money for a house. We are talking about modern real estate funds in which you can participate in small amounts and receive rental income from the objects that are inside the fund.

  • Stock market. This is what comes to mind when investing is mentioned. To play on the stock exchange, you need knowledge, iron nerves, a willingness to take risks, and a desire to devote enough time to this activity to achieve a result. But it can bring you good passive income.

How to invest to earn?

And so, let's look at how to invest properly so that the profits you make will speed up the process of buying a house — whether you invest in cryptocurrency or play on the stock exchange.

  • Study the theory. If you want to get more money, then you should learn about the chosen type of investment. You can invest in stocks, bonds, futures, cryptocurrencies, commercial real estate, various securities, etc. To understand which option will be optimal for you at the initial stage, decide how much you are willing to invest and evaluate the possible profitability and risk of each type of investment.
  • Set a goal and build a strategy. To achieve results, you need a clear goal — not just a desire to earn as much as possible. Investing will be much more difficult without a goal. The first failure can shake your confidence that you even need all that. Clearly define how much you want to save and how fast. So you will understand why you have come into the world of investment.

It's the same with the strategy — determine how much money you are willing to invest, given that there is always a risk of losing part of the amount. Remember that funds shouldn't be the last.

  • Don't pursue huge profits. It may seem that investing in the stock market is a direct way to increase the invested amount several times. And in some cases, this is true, but the higher the yield, the higher the risks. You need to understand whether you are ready for this or whether it's more crucial for you to remain confident in the safety of your money.

It's especially true for beginners. It's better to start your journey in the world of investments with a smaller but guaranteed profit. Indeed, in the pursuit of high incomes, it's easy to make a mistake and lose money.

  • Don't make hasty decisions. If you are investing for the long term, then you need to learn to be calm about the periodic fluctuations in the price of your investments. Don't immediately think about selling — prices may rise again very soon, and then you will remain at a loss due to a hasty decision.

Long-term investors should know how to resist impulses and remember that market fluctuations are essential for investing.

  • Trust the professionals. Today, it's not necessary to spend time and effort studying the market and understanding the basics of investing yourself. Now there are many ready-made solutions for those who decide to invest. It can be both specialized companies and individual experts who will wisely invest your funds for a certain percentage.


You can invest in various projects, startups, stocks, cryptocurrency, etc. The main thing is to do it wisely and not take unreasonable risks. Remember the main rule of investors — don't invest everything at once, especially if this is your last money.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you will buy your dream house soon!



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