How To Remodel An Unfinished Basement

October 3, 2022

It's known how relevant and paramount the basement serves your home's whole structure. It serves as a crucial component in the architectural structure that makes your house safe to live in. However, some homeowners don't invest so much in their basements right in the home construction phase. After all, too many aspects and details require hefty investments, and the basement wasn't included as a priority.

However, an unfinished basement could compromise your home's quality if you don't care for or maintain its vital components. Water seepage can destroy your foundation and create cracks. Therefore, now it's time to consider remodeling your unfinished basement once and for all carefully, and you can learn more here on how to partake in this exciting project smoothly.

Get ready to transform your basement into a relaxing retreat using the tips below:

1. Hire The Right Basement Contractors

It's time to discover the untapped potential part of your home, and that's your basement. If you're executing a basement remodel anytime soon, you should first begin with the initial step. And that is to find and hire the right basement contractors. Your basement project can run more smoothly if you find a reputable and knowledgeable contractor. Choosing a contractor means asking a lot of questions and considering many factors. It requires you to prepare a set of questions such as pricing, timelines, processes, qualifications, and so on. If you can finish your basement instead of moving, you might avoid other drawbacks. The goal is to live happily in your home, and if your current space can meet that need, so much the better.

Another key in this step is to reach out and inquire from several contractors. Compare their packages, inclusions, and prices. There are different specializations among companies. After deciding what work you need to do, you need to find companies that can do it. It is a big project that can be very costly if handled incorrectly. Thus, it's crucial to work with only the most reputable contractors you can find. Make it a habit to read reviews and past customer testimonials. Observe how these contractors approach or respond to customer complaints, inquiries, and questions, to gauge their level of service and professionalism.

Basement contractors usually provide a free, no-obligation quote. Choosing your top choices and getting a quote is the next step after doing your research. It's recommended that you receive similar quotes. If some quotes are too low and too good to be true, you know better than to get pawned in that fraudulent trick. Some contractors who offer low and unbelievable prices are usually the ones that don't deliver. Stay away from these cheap tricks and be realistic when it comes to comparing prices and services.

2. Deep Clean And Declutter Your Basement

Considering that your basement is unfinished, chances are, you resolve to make it into a stock room over the years. Before starting your basement makeover, it's essential to deep clean and declutter the space first. After all, you might have never done this chore since forever. Gather all your cleaning supplies and solutions and head downstairs to clean up your basement thoroughly.

Cleaning the basement always makes it look better, no matter what projects you decide to take on. Over the years, insects and other animals might have used the place as their habitat. Remove spider webs and get rid of parasites that are lurking on the walls, floors, and all the nooks. Dust and cobwebs should be removed from all of the ceiling joists. Sweep up any debris on the floor after brushing the walls. Thus, feel free to use any cleaning appliances to make the task faster and easier.

Another alternative is to hire professional cleaners who can ensure to leave your basement sparkling clean after the session. However, before these pros take over the task, ensure that you've already cleared the space. It means you've decluttered and gotten rid of things that are no longer usable for your home. Whether it's an old couch, broken appliances, and broken vintage collections, you need to decide to let them go or at least donate them to salvage stores or charities.

Pin any live wires to a joist and cut any old wires no longer needed. The ceiling looks cleaner and more uniform this way. Wipe all the nooks and corners that may have piled up dust and debris with a wet washcloth. Also, wash and mop the floor with soap, bleach, and water. Remember that this is a necessary step before partaking in any floor renovation.

3. Choose A Flooring Option

After the clean-up, you can now proceed with choosing a flooring option. Renovating the basement means finding the right floors to meet your and your family's needs. Here are some viable flooring options to choose from for your basement:

  • Patio Paint On Floors

For those who plan not to finish the floors, one alternative option is to paint them instead. If you have concrete flooring, this can be a good choice. Some layers of patio paint should suffice to do the trick of having glistening floors.

It's the best kind of paint for unfinished concrete floors. And if you're interested in painting it in different shades, there are many other colors than the basic and neutral tones. However, it's essential to prep your basement floor first before finally finishing it with patio paint.

  • Foam Mats

If your budget is limited, one great choice is to go for interlocking foam mats instead. These high-quality, durable mats offer insulation and protection on the floors. Also, this is the best floor choice if you're considering a basement gym or a playroom for the kids. Due to the cushion support of these foam mats, you and your kids can be comfortable playing and working out on the floors.

  • Peel-And-Stick Flooring

Over an unfinished subfloor or concrete, peel-and-stick flooring can create the illusion of a finished floor. And this is a smart trick done by some homeowners out there. Various designs and looks are available. You can even find an option that mimics hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles.

Without breaking the bank, you can create beautifully illusioned floors. If you are looking for peel-and-stick vinyl, look for one with a matte laminate coating, so it is easy to clean and nonslip. These are also long-lasting flooring choices as long as you maintain and care for them appropriately.

  • Carpet Tiles

Rather than installing a full carpet, carpet tiles are wiser alternatives. They provide the same benefits as conventional carpets, but they offer flexibility and versatility in use. They can insulate the cold floors and make your basement feel cozy for your bare feet.

You can create a pretty pattern without spending much money by combining different colors. There are many patterns, fibers, and colors to choose from in carpet and home improvement stores. Also, one great perk of using carpet tiles is their ease of application. You can DIY this task and save more on labor costs.

4. Waterproof The Walls

Paint can do wonders and recreate the entire look of your basement. Once the floors are done, now it's time to pay attention to your walls. After cleaning them with soap and water, you'll see the original condition of your basement walls. It's time to paint them over with waterproofing masonry paint.

Your walls will thank this product as they can be protected from moisture and other liquid elements that can potentially crack surfaces. Masonry paint is perfect for your cement walls. It's one essential tip that keeps your basement safe and dry.

Regarding color options, such paints come in almost any shade you can think of. However, the basement space will look brighter if you use a plain white wall. In this basement remodel task, you can do the wall painting yourself or hire professional painters to do it for you. Either way, the key is to ensure that the walls are clean, dry, and smooth before rolling the paint away from the surfaces.

5. Choose Your Preferred Ceiling

Ceilings are also important for your basement. Once you've partaken the basement remodel completely, it's best to include your ceiling makeover too. There are budget-friendly ways to do this. For instance, you can use sheetrock material for your ceiling or go for ceiling tiles.

Many homeowners are in love with using ceiling tiles because they make accessing pipes and electricity easy. However, it's worth noting that the downside of this choice could be the complex installations. They require perfect alignment and precise installation, as they come in square shapes, and your ceiling should have them in perfect shape.

On the other hand, sheetrock is a cheaper alternative. However, you'll be challenged to cut into the sheetrock if repairs are needed in your plumbing. Due to the downsides of both options, some homeowners resolve to paint their ceiling instead. It's a no-frill way of revamping your ceilings.

The ceiling can be sprayed and painted using a paint sprayer machine. When doing this, ensure to lay down protective plastics or covering to wiring connections and the floors. This saves any stray paint from penetrating other areas. Thus, you may look for any paint color of your choice. This design is industrial-inspired, giving your basement that sleek and modern look.

6. Improve The Lighting

Nothing is more horrifying than an unfinished basement lit by only bare bulbs. It mimics those basements in horror movies where dead bodies are found. To improve the feel and vibe of your basement, improve your lighting fixtures.

Whether you go for LED bulbs or conventional ones, ensure to find the ones that are bright enough for your basement's purpose. Some elegant light fixtures offer reasonable prices. You can also go for string lights if you want your basement to have that romantic and rustic feel. Play with different lighting options and see which one fits best.

7. Create A Workshop

If anyone in your household is gifted with handyman skills and woodwork, creating a workshop in the basement is a wonderful idea. To set up a workshop, identify your needs first. And locating the workshop in the basement is important. The design of a workshop takes many factors into account. These include lighting, storage solutions, ventilation, power requirements, and noise reduction.

A workstation should have enough space for people to move around and perform woodwork and other activities. There should be enough space between the bench and walls to use long, wide boards and panels. Also, when creating a workshop, consider the use of workshop power tools as well as dust collection if you're working on wood. Powered sanding operations could yield dust flowing everywhere.

8. Lay Down Area Rugs

Area rugs can quickly warm cold basement floors. Aside from the warming functions, they're also the best feature to elevate your basement's aesthetics. Whether your floor space is wide or narrow, there are enough area rugs to choose from.

The addition of area rugs will really warm up and define activities in a basement full of concrete. Also, it helps mediate the noises generated while working in the basement or while kids giggle and run around.

9. Hang Some Mirrors

Basements usually have the issue of having limited natural light. The best option to address this issue is to hang some mirrors to reflect light. This and additional artificial lighting fixtures can illuminate your once-dark basement space.

Check your basement walls and see if there are wall spaces that can accommodate a large expanse of mirrors. There's no need to go all out when buying mirrors. An inexpensive flea market or thrift store mirror can add brightness to a dark basement. Make the room feel larger and lighter by hanging them on opposite walls.

10. Segregate Basement Zones

Finally, it's worth including this tip on the list as some people forget the zoning part of the basement. By segregation spaces, people can enjoy and maximize the roles of the basement more effectively. Whatever your plan for your basement, you can decide their areas and zones.

For instance, you can separate an area as a gaming place. It's where your family can lounge and play together, watch tv, and just hang out. You can add furniture and other details to make this area comfortable and relaxing for everyone.

Another zone can be the workout area. It's where you can add your workout machines and equipment. Thus, you can separate enough space to accommodate your dumbbells, yoga mats, and other workout devices. Store all your workout gear in one area to make your basement more organized.


Remodeling your basement doesn't have to feel stressful and burdensome when you prepare how to tackle the project beforehand. With this thorough guide, you'll discover some tips and ways to make your basement renovation organized and practical. The key is to hire the right contractor and let the pros handle complex tasks. While some steps can be done the DIY route, nothing can replace the expertise and knowledge of the pros.

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