How to rent an apartment and not get scammed ?

October 11, 2022

A good area, a cozy atmosphere, a price below the market average and a pleasant, polite host - all this does not mean that luck has finally smiled at you, and the search for rental housing is over. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an apartment for a day, for a couple of months or years, renting a property is a serious undertaking that requires a thorough approach and healthy suspicion.

How to rent an apartment ?

A short algorithm of actions in order to rent an apartment for rent:

  • Decide on the area, number of rooms and cost;
  • Start searching on real estate websites and through friends;
  • View several options and start comparing them;
  • Check the documents of the owner for the apartment and passport;
  • Discuss with the owner the details of the lease and all important questions;
  • Sign a contract with the terms and exact cost;
  • Move things.

This is a short list of what you need to do to rent an apartment. 

Where to search for rental apartments ?

The main sources for searches are the Internet and print media. How to rent an apartment for a long time, how to understand this diversity? Your main parameter is the reliability of the data. We recommend giving preference to the assortment of large online portals and paper newspapers dedicated to the rental of real estate. Pay attention to the reputation of the sources from which you draw information.

The rental housing market leads the real estate industry in terms of the number of scammers.

Put in the search – kiraye evler and analyze thematic sites. If a duplicate of the same apartment walks for weeks and months on several resources and contact details are different everywhere, beware of this option. You can ask the price, find out the average range of prices on real estate websites and analytical portals. There is an alternative option - to advertise yourself. This can be done in newspapers, as an option - print 2-3 hundreds of leaflets and paste them on the same poles-boards. Get ready: 9 out of 10 who responded will be intermediaries.

Which apartment search option is better ?

Despite the fact that it can be very difficult to break through all the informational garbage that scammers and realtors scatter, each of the above options for finding an apartment can be successful.

All possible options must be used. The most likely way is sites on the Internet with sorting without intermediaries and recommendations from friends.

Perhaps your friends, relatives or acquaintances also once rented housing and they still have the addresses and contacts of the landlords. Maybe someone is just now moving out of the apartment and is ready to give it to you. This, too, can be adopted.

Perhaps the neighbors of your friends will want to rent out housing and you will find out about it. You need to use all the available options for finding an apartment and then success awaits you. Just ask everyone you talk to. At work, at school, through relatives and friends. So after a while, and there are usually apartments.

The most important thing when renting an apartment

There are a lot of scammers in this market. It can be a realtor, a news agency or the owner of the apartment himself. Anyone can cheat, so it is very important to be careful and check everything before transferring money.

Check who you pay money to. Look for reviews of whether the company is reliable and how long it exists. If you decide to rent an apartment through a realtor, then he can receive money only after signing an agreement with the owner and in his presence.

What should be the apartment for rent?

Searching for an apartment for rent is a rather long and laborious task. Decide first for yourself which apartment you would like to rent. Where should it be located, in which area or in the square of which streets, quarters.

Perhaps the area of ​​​​your future residence should be close to the place of work, study, residence of parents, school for your children or kindergarten.

The area of ​​location is the most significant criterion that affects the cost of rent. Calculate what will be more profitable for you - rent an apartment in a residential area and go to work or rent an apartment near work and walk. Perhaps saving money and time on the road will be more profitable than a small overpayment to the cost of rent

How does a realtor find an apartment to rent?

Why does a realtor have a database of apartments, but you cannot find an apartment from the owner? Everything is very simple. A realtor searches and finds ads from owners faster than you.

After that, intermediaries replicate the same ad in dozens of pieces and block the owner's ad. If you click on olx 10 times to complain, then the owner's ad goes for verification and is removed from the site.

As a result, it turns out that there are no apartments from the owners, but only offers of intermediaries. Even if the owner’s ad has not been deleted, it still goes far beyond the first page in the search and you simply don’t get there.

How to find an apartment for rent without intermediaries ?

To find an apartment without intermediaries and from the owner, you just need to search better and faster. Resellers use the same sites as you, so you just need to be the first. Good apartments are rented in 1 day.

This means that you should start searching for an apartment in the morning, looking through new offers. If the apartment is suitable, then you need to immediately arrange a viewing and go to see.

You must find apartments faster than intermediaries, only in this way you can get a first-hand offer and choose the best apartment at a more attractive price.

Many people need to rent an apartment, but only the fastest one wins this race. Everyone else has been looking for an apartment for months. In renting, speed and luck are very important.

Tips on how to rent an apartment safely

Never pay money in advance, do not transfer anything to anyone on the card. No advances or prepayments before viewing the apartment.

If you were shown an apartment and it suits you in all respects, then check the terms of rent and payment again to avoid misunderstanding.

Make sure the owner rents the apartment. To do this, you need to ask to show documents for an apartment, a passport or other identity document. Receipts and utility bills can also help identify the landlord.

If the apartment is rented out by the representative of the owner, then he must confirm his authority with a power of attorney from the owner, certified by a notary. Only in this case can you consider renting through a representative.

Better to play it safe and talk to the neighbors. From them you will learn a lot of interesting things about the owner and his apartment.

How to rent an apartment: Summary

Finding rented accommodation is not a problem, renting it competently and safely is where the main difficulty lies. To save time, nerves and protect yourself from scammers, we recommend contacting trusted real estate companies that provide legal support for transactions. If you still decide to shoot on your own, carefully check everything, consult a lawyer before signing the contract, so as not to be left without money and without housing. Be careful, attentive and patient. Good luck searching!

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