How to Tell If Your Garden Needs An Upgrade

October 28, 2022

Gardening is one of the most soothing and satisfying hobbies. Not only is it a calming activity, but you also actually get to see the fruits of your hard work.

However, sometimes it can get difficult to maintain the daily upkeep. In such cases, your garden might show some signs of deterioration that you shouldn’t ignore.

Read on to know the signs that’ll tell you that a garden upgrade is overdue.

Your Seedlings are Wilting

Have you been planting seeds hoping they’ll grow up fully, only to be met with disappointment when they grow a bit and then wilt?

If that’s the case, thoroughly check if the soil is retaining sufficient water for the proper growth of the seedling.

Another reason could be that the soil is too damp. This could lead to overheating which might deter plant growth. This may also be a sign of a fungal disease.

If you find that the soil is not of apt quality, you might have to start over fresh with good-quality soil that supports the varieties of plants you’re growing in your garden.

There is an Overload of Weeds

It’s not a big deal if your garden has an occasional weed growth here and there. However, it can become a problem when your garden has visible weed patches constantly growing in size.

Weed is invasive vegetation that hogs sunlight, water and nutrients. It prevents your garden plants from growing normally.

An easy way to kill weeds is by using salt on them. But if the home remedy doesn’t give you a quick result, hire a trustworthy weed removal service before the situation gets out of hand.

The Plants are Experiencing Stunted Growth

Your plants may fail to grow to their full potential due to several underlying issues. The reasons range from fungal infection, lack of sunlight & water, or excess use of chemical fertilizers.

Transplantation could be one easy solution to your problems. This will act as a positive upgrade. 

If the plants are still stunted, you might want to get some new seeds and have a fresh start.

The Area Seems Too Moist and Mossy

A moss-laden garden could lead to improper and irregular plant growth. That’s why having too much moss in your garden is a major red flag. 

You must attempt to understand the root cause behind the presence of moss.

It could be due to a lack of sunlight and excess humidity. Another very probable cause is an improper water drainage system. These factors disturb the pH level of your garden soil.

First, remove the moss. If you’re finding it difficult to do it yourself, you can always employ a professional to take care of it. Next, focus on fixing the underlying issue to prevent the moss from reappearing.

The Lighting isn’t Good Enough

Good exposure to sunlight is a must! Ensure that no structures are blocking your plants’ access to sunlight. Remove any items that act as obstructions.

In addition to natural light and outdoor lighting also deserves your special attention. Not only does this enhance the aesthetic value of your garden, but it also serves a safety purpose.

Landscape lighting along your garden will make a clear and bright pathway. 

You can also install motion sensor lights to safeguard your precious garden from intruders and animals.


Keep an eye out for signs of deterioration, discoloring and decay in your plants. It will give you a general idea that something’s wrong.

Upgrade your garden by incorporating elements that add to its beauty and ensure its safety. With that, you’ll soon have a healthy and fully-functional garden!

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