Moving Before 2023? Here's How Much It Costs

October 14, 2022


The end of a home's lease is coming up fast, or the family bought a new home, and moving seems to taunt everyone with everything they need to arrange, organize and do. While the stress could be unbearable for some, others could thrive, meaning each move will differ for various people.


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One way of relieving some of this house-moving stress is to properly research and plan all the options that could contribute to a successful day. Furthermore, many factors will contribute to the costs, which could be the most draining on any person moving:

1. Determine the size of the vehicle and amount of trips

Whether using professional movers or doing it yourself with a personal vehicle, there are costs involved in moving. Fuel and labour costs can quickly add up when this is not budgeted well. Moreover, arrangements for the available vehicles and how long they need to be available also affect the cost.

Professional moving companies like Best Fit Movers charge per weight, not only the number of trips they need to make. On the other hand, with a private vehicle, there may be weight restrictions on the car. For this reason, the person must determine how many items, including boxes and furniture, they need to transport before accurately calculating an exact cost or estimate.

2. Schedule the move for the most cost-effective day

Another factor that can drive the cost of moving higher is the date the move will take place. Most professionals charge a higher fee for public holidays or peak seasons, while they could also have many existing bookings for the same date. Consequently, discussing this with them should be a priority before scheduling the move.

Alternatively, if friends and family will be assisting with the move, they might have their own schedule for the day and need to rearrange their plans accordingly. Even if they are family or friends, they may feel their time is more valuable for specific days and could expect some form of remuneration for their fuel and time. Subsequently, the person moving should factor this into their moving costs.

3. Consider the distance to cover to the new home

Distance will undoubtedly affect the cost of a move, especially when the person is moving out of state or to another country. In that case, there are border fees and other expenses to include in the budget other than only the transportation fee.

Should the move be local or a shorter distance, the costs should be pretty reasonable. Depending on the load, trips, and type of transport, the distance is a factor the person shouldn't exclude from the moving budget to avoid disaster on the day.

4. Assess if you will need storage facilities

Not everyone will move to the same size home they used to have, which could influence the cost of the move further. If someone is moving to a smaller apartment, for example, they would need to store some of their items.

Another reason they may have to store items is if they are moving abroad and could only have their bulky items transported to them later. Luckily, there are a few options for having these items in storage, including independent storage units and a service offered by professional movers. The costs for these could vary greatly, so people needing these services should assess which one will be best suited to their needs.

5. Contemplate purchasing moving insurance

Although most people forego this vital step to a move, it provides added peace of mind knowing that the insurance covers items. Accidents tend to happen without warning or when people least expect them, making insurance an essential part of the moving costs.

6. Remember to calculate assorted smaller costs

Smaller, unanticipated costs could eat away at the available budget if they are not in it. These could include taking care of pets, buying boxes and other packing supplies, connecting utilities, and tips for those helping or other incentives.

In the end, the little things could affect the overall costs the most, so anticipating them will be the best defence against a move beyond the family's budget.

Wrapping It Up

A well-thought-through and planned move can see the family move into their dream space in no time. In contrast, they could struggle to get everything paid for and have a lot of bills stacking up. Using professional services for packing and transportation could ease some of the stress. Still, ultimately, it will come down to how the family maximizes their budget, which will make for a successful move.

After considering all the information mentioned here, the moving costs could vary as far and wide as the families and their preferences. So, the best solution to get the most accurate fees is to ensure that nothing is missed, overlooked, or forgotten.

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